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Day Two and Beyond

We hope you will return to this onboarding site, including the Employee Resource Center, as a needed resource if you have additional questions about campus services, amenities, policies, or whom to contact if you need more assistance. 

Meet with your Supervisor for the following:

  • Department level orientation and training to review the relevant and important department and campus policies/procedures
  • Review/Discuss office culture with your supervisor
    • Personal appearance
    • Personal conduct, code of ethics/behavior, confidentiality
    • Phone etiquette
    • Unit practices
    • Staff meetings
  • Review/discuss relevant work procedures
    • Work hours and schedule
    • Steps to resolving problems and conflict
  • Review department procedures for absence management and time off for planned/unplanned absences
  • Review position description and performance expectations/objectives/measurements
  • Review department's safety and emergency procedures
  • Complete required compliance trainings within 30 days from date of hire (assigned by Training Coordinator), via the online Learning Management System, CSULearn:
    • Data Security & FERPA
    • CSU Injury and Illness Prevention Program
    • HIPPA: Protecting Patient Privacy
    • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program
    • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest (if applicable)
    • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Non-Supervisors (if applicable)
    • Supervisor: Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation (if applicable)
  • Review use of phones, fax machines, copiers and other work supplies
  • Tour campus with supervisor or designated personnel
  • Select and order office supplies


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Last updated: 7/20/20