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Uniform and Grooming Standards

Uniforms are required at The California Maritime Academy.  Within the Corps of Cadets, uniforms and insignia are used to identify class standing and individual assignments to positions of responsibility, authority, and trust. The uniform is federally mandated by the Maritime Administration for all maritime academies. Cadets must take pride in their personal appearance in uniform. Maintaining a neat, orderly appearance in uniform makes an outward statement about a cadet's commitment to his or her professional development. The first opinion a visitor or potential employer formulates of a CSUM cadet is difficult to change later. Therefore, cadets must be conscious of their appearance in uniform at all times. The ability to perform a simple task such as keeping one's uniform in good order or taking pride in one's appearance says a great deal about a cadet's character and willingness to take responsibility for much more difficult tasks. Because the appearance of the Corps of Cadets is a reflection of Cal Maritime, these regulations require cadet uniforms shall be neat, clean, well fitted, and worn with pride in the Corps. How a uniform is worn is not subject to personal interpretation or personal fashion styles.

Of utmost importance is the ability to maintain a professional appearance at all times as a cadet.  For the complete uniform and grooming policies refer to the Student Handbook (link on the left, page 66 in the pdf), however, generally this means:


·        Khaki Uniform of the Day:

o        Khaki trousers, khaki short or long sleeve shirt

o        Khaki web belt with brass buckle

o        Black plain toed shoes, polished, with black socks

o        Appropriate collar devices and nametag

o        CSUM baseball cap

o        Khaki combination cover (when prescribed)

o        Khaki skirt, hosiery and plain black pumps (optional for women)

o        Khaki garrison caps (optional)

·        Hair:  Present a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance.  Only natural colored; must be conservative in style as determined by the Commandant of Cadets' staff.

o        For Men:  No longer than four inches and graduated to a maximum of ¼ inch at bottom; shall not touch the top of the collar; shall not touch the outer rim of the ear or extend below the eyebrows when headgear is removed.

o        For Women:  May touch, but not fall below, the lower edge of the collar; pins, combs, or barrettes must be of a neutral color or color similar to individual's hair.

·        Shaving:  Clean-shaven at all times; sideburns will not extend below the middle of the ear and end in a clean line.

Uniform Policy:  It is the policy of The California Maritime Academy that uniforms be worn at all classes (day and night), formations, meals, watches, and on any CSUM watercraft (excluding team and club events).

Mess Deck Uniform:  The uniform of the day, with appropriate footwear is the only uniform allowed in the mess deck DURING meal hours, with the following exceptions:

·        Cadets on watch (1600-2000) or those just completing watch (0400-0800) may eat in the appropriate watch uniform.

·        On weekends and Friday night meals, all cadets other than watch personnel may wear appropriate civilian clothing in the mess deck.

·        Athletes: Members of Intercollegiate sports teams may eat in their athletic clothing as specified in the Student Handbook.

Civilian Clothing

·        The following items are not authorized for wear on liberty on in the mess deck: cut-off jeans or shorts, tie-dyed clothing, clothing that is ripped, stained or in bad repair, white undershirts, and clothing that has words or pictures that are sexually explicit, profane, refer to drug or gang paraphernalia, or with negative connotations with regard to race, religion, color, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.


·        Tank tops and hats are never authorized for wear in the mess deck.


·        Sandals or Teva-type shoes are authorized for wear in the mess deck on campus.


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