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ITC Print Copy Solution

As part of an ongoing effort to control costs and establish a greener and more environmentally friendly “footprint,” Cal Maritime is launching a “Print Copy Solution” program this spring. The program will begin charging users for printing and copying documents from machines located in the library and campus labs.

Users will be charged $.15 per plain copy and $.50 per color copy for documents printed on these machines, and will  pay for copies printed using a special swipe debit card. ITC Cards can be obtained from a machine in the Library and “loaded” with funds by the user via their own credit or debit card. Value can also be loaded from credit card or bank card at www. Pre-loaded swipe cards with a $20 value will also be sold at the Bookstore.

“In analyzing campus print usage, we discovered that our Library and Lab printers alone generate over 237,000 copies per year," said Diane Rawicz, Director of Auxiliary Services. " The costs in paper, toner and machine maintenance are substantial. Dollars we can save in this area help us conserve resources in these times of very tight budgets.”

Rawicz said the changes are being made after extensive research into copying and printing costs by the campus Cost Allocation Committee (CAC).  The CAC is a standing body established to advise the Chief Financial Officer on cost-effective business practices. It includes voting student representation appointed by ASCMA and the Corps commander, along with representation from faculty and staff.

“After consultation with technical experts and examining best business practices, we decided that charging for use of these machines was the best way to allocate costs directly to users and at the same time get users to think about whether a document truly needs to be printed,” Rawicz explained. ”Eventually we anticipate this effort will spread across campus. We are still working out the logistics of how to track and allocate printing and copying charges to individual and departmental budgets for faculty and staff."

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