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Disabled Parking and Temporary Medical Permits

Disabled Parking Spaces:

Spaces reserved for vehicles displaying a valid DMV disabled placard/license plate may be found in parking lots A, C, D, F, G, H, I and J. Vehicles parking in disabled spaces must additionally display a valid CSU Maritime parking permit. Disabled parking spaces are monitored 24/7.

Temporary Disabled Parking Permits:
A temporary disabled parking permit may be granted to a disabled student for special parking privileges by Police Services. These permits are to fill a temporary gap until the injured student can acquire a State handicap permit, if needed beyond three weeks. The following rules apply:
    Student must provide an original note from the primary treating physician requesting parking accommodations.
    Student must have a valid CSU Maritime permit; both the CSU Maritime permit and temporary disabled permit must be displayed in the vehicle at all times.
    The temporary permit is valid for up to 3 weeks; temporary permits are NOT valid in disabled spaces.
    Student will be assigned to the closest parking lot(s) for classes and housing.
    Any special circumstances will need the review and consideration by the Chief of Police.
    Injured individuals must present the permit copy to Police Services staff upon request. 


Staging Enabled