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Bicycles and Motorcycles


Bicycle riding on the roadways of campus is subject to the same laws as any other vehicle. (CVC §21200 – 21210 ).  

Bicycles used in the line of duty by Police Services personnel are exempt from the bicycle regulations.

The speed limit for bicycles, when in close proximity to pedestrians, is 5 MPH.

Bicycles may be stored and secured at the racks provided for that purpose. Bicycles may not be parked inside buildings, classrooms, on stairways or any place where they may impede pedestrian traffic or create a hazard, i.e. parked across a sidewalk or secured to lampposts, trees, etc.

Bicycles found left unsecured or in unpermitted areas may be impounded and, if unclaimed for a period of six months, may be disposed of or sold through auction by CSU Maritime.


Two-wheel vehicles (including mopeds, motor scooters, or any motorized bicycle) required to be licensed by the State Department of Motor Vehicles, are charged $16.00 per semester for parking permits, and are required to park in designated motorcycle spaces only. These are located in lots A, C, D, E and G. (Parking Page) Permit is to be displayed on the rear fender or on a front fork.

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