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Health Insurance

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement

Due to the special nature of the educational experience at The Cal Maritime Academy (CMA) all enrolled students are required to carry and show proof of health insurance that meets the minimum insurance requirements to waive and travel assistance throughout their academic career. As a CMA student, you are automatically enrolled in and charged for the school-endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan unless an online insurance waiver is completed and approved. Students with comparable coverage who are granted a waiver from the school's health insurance, will be charged $20 each semester for the required travel assistance.

Online Insurance Waiver - NOW OPEN!!!

Minimum Insurance Requirements to Waive

Mandatory Health Insurance and Travel Assistance Policy

Denied Waiver Appeal Form - Please fill out if unable to complete online appeal form. Any questions regarding the waiver please contact Wells Fargo at 916-589-8185.

What is Travel Assistance? What does it cover? On Call International

Student Health Insurance Benefits Handbook 2014/2015

Member Claim Form (for reimbursement)

On-Call Travel Assistance Brochure (Academic Year 2014/2015)

Enroll Online for Medical Insurance (external)

The deadline for Health Insurance Waivers for AY 2014/15 TBA.
The Online Health Insurance Waiver for Academic Year (AY) 2014/15 is expected to become available April 14th, 2014. It must be completed online by the deadline date of July 8th 2014—No exceptions! Cal Maritime students who have not been granted a waiver will automatically be enrolled in the campus Student Health Insurance Plan and charged for it through their student fees.
If you have your own personal health insurance or are a dependent on your parent or guardian’s health insurance policy, please review the minimum insurance requirements to waive to see if you qualify for a waiver. Students with comparable coverage and who are granted a waiver from the school’s health insurance, will be automatically enrolled in, and charged $20 per semester for, the required travel assistance (see OnCall International Travel Assistance Brochure).
You are encouraged to apply for a Health Insurance Waiver, if you:
·         Are a new, transfer or returning student AND are already covered by a Health Insurance plan that meets the minimum requirements above; or,
·         Are a continuing student and are covered by a Health Insurance plan that meets the specified minimum requirements.
Note: You must apply online for a Health Insurance Waiver each year, even if you qualified for a waiver last year and your information is still current. Students who previously had the school’s insurance will receive a new card in the Fall.
If you do not have a card, immediately notify the Student Health Services via email or phone: 707-654-1170.