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Plug-and-Play Platform

GBF functions as a “plug-and-play” platform for research and testing. Organizations can install their system in a standard 20-foot shipping container, using connection specifications provided by Cal Maritime to access ballast water tanks, electricity, and ancillaries. This will enable vendors and researchers to set up their platform at their home location, and then easily transport it to the Cal Maritime campus for loading aboard Golden Bear. This eliminates the need to install a vendor's system below deck. The California State Universities Moss Landing Marine Laboratories research colleagues will provide certification testing to give vendors the independent third-party certification needed for IMO Type Approval of ballast treatment systems.


Ideal Testing Location


The Cal Maritime Campus in Vallejo, CA is perfectly situated at the junction of the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento Delta creating preferable challenge water conditions for testing with both sea and brackish bay water. The new test facility:

  •  Provides access to an operational ship with  custom designed laboratories for researchers working on ballast water management solutions.
  •  Reduces the high costs associated with current shipboard and land-based testing.
  •  Enhances the standardization and quality control of shipboard and land-based experiments.


Year Round Access

GBF is available for use all year - during the academic year while Golden Bear is at home at the Vallejo campus, or during the summer when the ship is on training voyages.

Mounting: The facility will accept one or two standard 20-foot containers (ISO R-668, ISO R-1161), with the second secured on top of the first and supplied with an inclined ladder. Both must not exceed 25 short tons.

Ballast: Two 8-inch, 150-pound ANSI flanges will be provided for ballast water supply and return connections. The ship's ballast can be provided to the treatment system in any range between 660 to 1,980 gallon per minute (150 to 450 cubic meters per hour) at up to 64 feet of water (2 bar) of pressure during either uptake or discharge.

Electrical: Three electrical supply terminals are available, and use a Russell Stoll connection system, all at 60 hertz: 100 amps at 450 volts, 50 amps at 450 volts, 30 amps at 120 volts.

Service: Connections include 1-inch female national pipe thread for 80-psi compressed air and 50 psi fresh water. Water and air consumption allowances are limited.



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