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Early Assessment Program

Remediation & College Readiness

Recent estimates show nearly half of first-time freshmen admitted to the California State University (CSU) require remediation in English or math before they can enroll in college-level classes. Only 66% of these students are predicted to graduate.

In response to increasing demand for better college readiness measures, the CSU established the Early Assessment Program (EAP) in a joint venture with the California State Board of Education and California Department of Education. The EAP's goal is to fully prepare Californian high school students to enter college-level courses at the CSU and reduce the need for remediation in college by:

  • Providing an early signal of students' readiness to attempt college-level coursework
  • Aligning students with college entry pathways following high school graduation
  • Determining appropriate course placement based on demonstrated skills

Measuring Readiness

The EAP combines CSU placement qualifications with existing standardized testing to help high school juniors identify and improve skill deficits in preparation for college-level coursework during senior year. The CSU measures a student's readiness four ways:

1. Standardized Test Scores
2. Senior Experience Coursework
3. ACT and SAT Scores
4. Placement Tests


1. Standardized Test Scores
The EAP is a fully-incorporated component of California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) standardized testing. All public high school students participate in CAASPP testing during 11th Grade, which provides a snapshot of students' grade-level proficiencies in English and math. Students are designated EAP statuses based on their CAASPP results, which determine how they can prepare for college during senior year:

English Score

Math Score

EAP Status

How to Interpret CAASPP Results




Above Standard / Standard Exceeded
Enroll in college-level English and math;
exempt from CSU placement tests

2583 to 2681

2628 to 2717

Conditionally Ready

At Standard / Standard Met
Complete approved Senior Experience course
(listed below) to be achieve Ready status

2493 to 2582

2543 to 2627

Not Yet Ready

Near Standard / Standard Nearly Met
Take CSU placement tests; may require
CSU Early Start and remedial coursework



Not Ready

Below Standard / Standard Not Met
Same as Near Standard / Nearly Met

2. Senior Experience Coursework
Conditionally Ready students can demonstrate readiness by successfully completing approved year-long Senior Experience coursework with a C or better grade for both semesters:

3. ACT and SAT Scores
The CSU presently allows students to use ACT/SAT scores as a secondary measure of English and math college readiness. If taken before the end of 11th Grade, students' EAP statuses will change to reflect whichever score places them in the highest category:



Conditionally Ready

Not/Not Yet Ready

ACT English


19 to 21


ACT Math


20 to 22


SAT English


460 to 490


SAT Math


490 to 540


4. Placement Tests
High school graduates who do not demonstrate readiness prior to admission to the CSU must pass the English Placement Test and/or the Entry-Level Mathematics Examination before becoming eligible to enroll in college-level courses. Students who do not pass these tests must complete the CSU's Early Start Program the summer before their first fall semester at a CSU and complete all necessary remedial coursework. The CSU Early Start Program is available at select campuses.

EAP Office Services & Resources


Academic Tutoring
Cal Maritime cadet tutors are available to help students improve English and math skills. Tutoring occurs in one-hour sessions during lunchtime and afterschool hours at local area partner schools. Contact eap@csum.edu to inquire about tutorial support at your school.

Campus Tours
Cal Maritime welcomes middle school AVID groups to tour its campus, learn about its unique facilities and academic culture, and gain important insight into college readiness. Submit a Campus Tour Request to schedule a tour (restrictions apply).

Classroom Presentations
The Coordinator of College Readiness & EAP at Cal Maritime is available throughout the year for classroom presentations, career and college fairs, back-to-school nights, and other events. Contact eap@csum.edu to schedule a presentation.

Expository Reading & Writing Course (ERWC)
The ERWC is a full-year 12th Grade course addressing reading and writing problems identified by the CSU. ERWC curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards and qualifies as a Senior Experience for students with Conditionally Ready EAP status and meets the University of California's A-G subject area "b" requirement. To promote wide-scale adoption of the ERWC, the CSU provides four-day workshops (non-consecutive) for English teachers at a variety of locations throughout the state. Attendees receive all course materials and pragmatic approaches for using the curriculum free (districts must pay for substitute teachers if necessary). Educators can visit RegOnline to view upcoming ERWC workshops throughout the State of California.



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Coordinator, College Readiness & EAP

Matthew Tener, MA
Laboratory Building 112
(707) 654-1081


EAP Office Services

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Academic Tutoring
Cal Maritime Campus Tours (Middle School)
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