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Areas to Support

Higher education in the State of California has been devastated because of the state's financial crisis over the past several years. The California State University (CSU) alone has had its budget cut $1 billion over the past four years, approximately 25% of its budget. These budget cuts have been handed down to each of the 23 campuses comprising the CSU including The California Maritime Academy.

Cal Maritime has been somewhat protected from these budget cuts and has not been hit as hard as many of the other CSUs. Nevertheless, Cal Maritime has been impacted. Faculty and staff have not had any pay increases in over four years, and budgets for equipment, travel, computers, and maintenance have been severely reduced. Furthermore, dramatic increases in fuel costs concomitant with budget reductions resulted in Cal Maritime from doing two two-month training cruises during the summer to just one two-month training cruise. During this same time frame, enrollments increased, yet Cal Maritime has been unable to hire additional faculty and staff to meet the increased demand.

The California Maritime Academy is seeking support to maintain the historical high quality of its programs and to further promote its academic excellence. Click on the links below for more information on giving opportunities in the following areas: