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How to Add a Class

This resource tool will provide screen shots of how to add and drop a class in the registration system. 

Click here on How to Add a Class.

List of General Electives

Click here to view the General Elective Courses.  Scheduled general electives can be found in the Class Schedule search.  In the Class Search Criteria, enter "ELEC" under Course Attribute to search for all electives.

Academic Catalog

Click here to vew the current academic catalog.

Class Priority Guidelines

Cal Maritime is unique among CSU campuses in that it provides a four-year "Curriculum Roadmap" for each of its majors. Each cadet should have the expectation that upon completion of appropriate coursework each semester, the student will be able to enroll in prescribed courses in the succeeding semesters. 

If a cadet fails, withdraws, does not enroll, or misses a prescribed course for any reason, the cadet sacrifices the ability to properly sequence follow-up courses. Not all courses are offered every semester, and courses to be repeated cannot be scheduled to avoid conflicts with current required courses. Additionally, due to classroom and faculty availability, certain courses such as labs and simulators are scheduled to accommodate "on track" students, and space may be limited for cadets taking courses early or late according to their roadmap.

For these reasons, the following guidelines will be followed during the registration process:
Certain courses will be available only to a specific group of cadets (i.e., 2012, 2013, etc.) or a specific major (ME, MT, etc.). Cadets not meeting a "class requisite" will not be able to enroll in the course until the specific group has registered.  

"Class of" class requisites will be removed at the end of each assigned class registration period; all other requisites (e.g., pre-requisites and co-requisites) will remain.  The rolling removal of class requisites will give cadets an opportunity to register for courses outside of their assigned class, if courses are still open.  At this time, interested cadets will be able to enroll in  courses or add themselves to a waiting list if the course is full. Cadets who fail to register for courses during the first registration period may forfeit the opportunity to enroll in required courses if the course has become full.

Helpful Hints for Online Registration

Click here for the Helpful Hints for Online Registration.

Log into Online Services. From the Student Center, under Enrollment Dates, view your "Enrollment Appointment" day and time. You may not register for courses until the start of your enrollment appointment

Make sure you have cleared all holds prior to the start of your enrollment appointment. Holds can be viewed via Online Services. Be sure to check your holds at least one or two days prior to your enrollment appointment so you're not caught off guard. (A "reminder" is not a hold).

Make sure you have the approval of your academic advisor prior to the start of your enrollment appointment. Take your completed Registration Form to your advisor for his/her approval. Your advisor will then remove your Advisor Registration hold, which will allow you to enroll in your classes.

Make sure your schedule does not have any time conflicts. Many students mark their time grid incorrectly, which could cause a time conflict error when registering.

Make sure you are eligible for all your classes with regard to current course prerequisites, co-requisites, and class requisites. All "requisites" are listed in the "searchable" Class Schedule via Online Services (Self-Service) under the Section hyperlink.

Class requisites will be in effect for the first two weeks of registration, so if you can't register in a class because you're taking it late or early in your curriculum, you can attempt to add that class once the requisites are lifted.

You should check the "searchable" Class Schedule via Online Services (Self-Service) for any changes to the schedule prior to registering for courses. Also, be sure to click the "View All Sections" link to see all the available course sections.

If you have an approved Overload Form, bring it to the Office of the Registrar.    Cadets will have access to add more units during Pass 2, Schedule Adjustment Period and Late Registration.

If you have a Waiver of Prerequisite Form, someone in the Office of the Registrar will have to enter the class for you, but not until after your enrollment appointment. Otherwise, you will get an error.

Find a computer to use prior to the start of your enrollment appointment. Students can begin registering only at the start of their enrollment appointment.

When adding courses with "co-requisites", be sure to submit both courses at the same time. Otherwise you will get an error. Examples of this are: CHE100/CHE100L, ET400/ET400L,DL 105/DL105L/DL105X

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