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IMPORTANT FIRST STEP:  On your Student Center page, under Enrollment Dates, view your "Enrollment Appointment" day and time. Each student has been randomly assigned a unique start time, which cannot be changed. You may not register for courses until the start of your enrollment appointment.

  1. Clear any outstanding holds (i.e. unpaid financial balances, parking tickets, library fines, advisor hold, etc.). You may not register if there is a hold on your account. You can view your holds online via the Student Center by clicking the "details" link, then the "Hold Item" link. (Many students wait until the very last minute to check their holds….this is not a good idea!)
  2. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor (well in advance of your enrollment appointment!). If you don't remember who your advisor is, you can view your advisor online via the Student Center (right underneath your enrollment appointment). You can also view your advisor's on-campus phone number and office location. (Don't wait until the day you register to see your advisor, as he or she may not be on campus that day!)
  3. Review Registration information, which can be found here.
  4. Print a copy of your curriculum sheet to see which courses to enroll in.
  5. Review your Degree Progress Report via Online Services. On your Student Center page, select "Academic Requirement" (under Academics). You can also view a different version of your Degree Progress Report by navigating to Self-Service > Academic Records > View Unofficial Transcript. Select Degree Progress Report as the Report Type.
  6. Search for classes via Online Services. From the Self-Service link, click Class Search/Browse Catalog to begin the search for classes for the appropriate term. Or, click the "Search for Classes" link above the Holds area. Be sure to click the "View all Sections" link for courses that list more than three sections.
  7. Consult with your advisor for 1) approval of your class schedule and 2) release of your Advisor/Registration Hold. IMPORTANT NOTE: All students have been automatically assigned an Advisor/Registration Hold which prevents you from registering. Once you have seen your advisor, he/she will need to remove the hold.
  8. Return "approved" Overload Form to Office of the Registrar.   Cadets will be able to add more units after the form has been processed up to the limit signed off on the approved form.
  9. Return "approved" Waiver of Prerequisite Form to Office of the Registrar on or after the first day of the term.
  10. Register for your classes ONLINE via the Student Center at the start of your enrollment appointment. 


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