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Open University Procedures

  • Enrollment in Open University is open to non-matriculated students only. This includes: former Cal Maritime students who have been inactive (matriculation closed) or graduated (alumni); students who have been academically disqualified from Cal Maritime or other institutions; international or non-resident students not enrolled in a University program, and members of the general public. Students who received a sanction of suspension or expulsion at the California Maritime Academy may not enroll through Open University. Questions regarding sanctions should be directed to the Commandant’s Office.
  • Open University is not open to students who received an approved Leave of Absence/Withdrawal or elect to not enroll in a semester at the California Maritime Academy. Students with an approved Leave of Absence are still matriculated and therefore, not eligible to register in Open University.
  • Students interested in taking courses offered in an impacted program (check the Admissions website) must secure the approval of the department chair and academic dean on the Open University form. For a listing of courses which require “safety sensitive clearances,” visit the Open University website located under the Office of the Registrar.
  • Academically disqualified students may elect to enroll at Cal Maritime through Open University to register for courses in which grades of “D” or “F” was earned. CMA repeat rules apply to Open University courses. All grade attempts for a repeated course will be recorded on students’ transcript and averaged into the GPA calculation. In accordance with the University Academic Standing policy, students disqualified for a third failure of a course must successfully complete the course prior to readmission. It is recommended that academically disqualified students meet with the department chair for advising prior to enrolling in Open University.
  • Students may enroll in up to three (3) courses per semester and may not exceed 7 units, but may not enroll in directed or independent or individual study, research, thesis, field work, cooperative education or cruise.
  • A maximum of 24 semester units earned through Open University in a non-matriculated status may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree. All units attempted through Open University will be calculated in the student’s grade point average.
  • Students are advised to print the Open University registration form from the Office of the Registrar’s website and attend the first class meeting to secure permission and approval from the faculty to add the course based on space availability. However, although Open University is based on “space availability,” the registrar’s office cannot guarantee nor assure that students will be permitted to enroll in any class. Faculty has the discretion to manage course enrollment and require students to provide documentation demonstrating satisfactory completion of pre-requisites. Course prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment. An academic transcript indicating successful completion of course prerequisites must be presented to at the time of application.
  • Students should attend the first week of classes and secure faculty approval the second week of late registration (priority is given to matriculated students); the Open University Add forms will be processed during the second week of the late registration period. Students must complete the registration process prescribed on the Open University website by the University’s published add/drop period. Open University Add forms will not be processed prior to the start of the semester.
  • Student must pay Open University fees at the Student Accounts Office, as prescribed on the Open University website, which will provide the most current Open University tuition fee, which applies to both in-state and out-of-state students. Students are advised to check with the Business Office for adjustments and/or refund policy.
  • Open University students must comply with university and department regulations regarding prerequisites, withdrawals, repeats, grading, and student conduct.
  • Health, medical, and food services are available at additional cost; arrangements are made with the Cashier’s Office.
  • Open University students are not eligible for financial aid, campus housing privileges, campus student employment, tutoring, participation in the Corps of Cadets, and watch-standing.
  • Open University students will be issued a temporary Cal Maritime email address and access to university learning platforms, such as Moodle, which may be required for the course(s). Upon completion of the semester, students may view their grades online or request an official Cal Maritime transcript.
  • Open University students are not members of the Corps of Cadets and should not dress in uniform. Students will not be permitted to conduct business on campus or attend classes wearing shorts, tee shirts, sandals, or similar attire.