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The Extended Learning Advisory Board

Mr. Norman Fassler-Katz
Chair, Advisory Board
Senate Subcommittee on California Ports and Goods Movement
Dr. Jim Burns
Dean of Sponsored Projects and Extended Learning
Ms. Veronica Boe
Director, Sponsored Projects and Extended Learning
Professor Peter Hayes
Chair, Marine Transportation
Dr. Lloyd Kitazano
Chair, Math/Science
Capt. Paul Leyda
Faculty, Marine Transportation
Mr. Paul A. Londynsky
VP of Safety, Quality and Environmental Affairs
Dr. Tim Lynch
Chair, Maritime Policy & Management
Mr. John Massey
Chair, Engineering Technology
Dr. Donna Nincic
Director, ABS School of Maritime Policy & Management
Ms. Holly Osen
Chevron Corporation, Emergency Response Advisor
Mr. Ken Passe
Retired, Marine Terminals
Capt. Sam Pecota
Chair, Marine Transportation
Mr. Chris Peterson
Port of Oakland, Chief Wharfinger
Dr. Stephen Pronchick
Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Vic Schisler
Capt. Gary Toledo
Toledo Marine Consulting


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