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AssignmentsThe assignment module gives you an easy way to allow students to upload digital content for grading. Each “Assignment” creates an entry in the gradebook automatically. You can ask them to submit essays, spreadsheets, presentations, web pages, photographs, or small audio or video clips.Assignment QuickGuides
ForumsCompose and reply to threaded discussions, share links or attach documents. Participation in Forums may be graded.Forum QuickGuides
ChoiceA choice is essentially a single, multiple-choice question that the instructor asks the class.
The result can either be displayed to the class, or kept between the individual student and the instructor. Choices are a good way to get feedback from the students about the class.
You can plant these choices in your course ahead of time, and keep them hidden until you need the students' feedback. You can also add them as needed.
Choice QuickGuides
QuizQuizzes may be for self assessment only or graded. You determine what feedback is shown to students after the quiz. The settings you choose may allow multiple attempts and designate which score is recorded in the gradebookQuiz QuickGuides Using Respondus
GradeBook The Gradebook lets you records and display grades to your students. You can manually add grade categories , grade items and scores. Moodle automatically adds grades from Moodle Activities such as quizzes and assignmentsMoodle GradeBook QuickGuides