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Associated Students 2011-12 Officers

The Executive Staff

Shellsea Stoughton


Executive President and CEO

Year: Class of 2012

Major: International Business and Logistics

Hometown: Rohnert Park, California  

Goals for ASCMA 2011-2012: 

      The Associated Students of California Maritime Academy’s main objective is to provide the ability for students to value their experience at Cal Maritime. We want to represent the voice of all students because we know they are the main priority and the reason why we have been elected. The following goals are what we believe are the most imperative for the academic year and what we intend on focusing most of our attention towards.
  •    Creating unity  between The Corps, The Housing Department and ASCMA
  •   Involving all members of the student body in taking advantage of the opportunities that are offered at the California Maritime Academy.
  • Reduce cost of the ASCMA budget by planning in advance. 
  • Creating the most efficient streamline system of communication between Clubs of Cal Maritime and ASCMA.
  • Creating incentives and motivation for students to become engaged in community service.
  • Talk less and “do” more. 

Ben Moore


Executive Vice President

 Year: Class of 2012

Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: Redondo Beach, California           

         Hey everyone, my name is Ben Moore and I am the AS Executive Vice President. I am a Senior Deck cadet and got involved in ASCMA to represent students and provide good programming all year long. I look forward to a good year and getting to know the student body better. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me any time. Go Keelhaulers 



E.C. West III (Chaz)

 Executive Vice President of Finance and CFO

Year: 2013
Major: Marine Transportation
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado 
Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year,
My Name is Ernest Charles West III, but please feel free to call me Chaz. This is my second year at CMA and I am a member of ASCMA to ensure that all the voices of our students are heard. I intend to do my part in making this year a good year for everyone at California Maritime Academy. One of the goals of the Associated Students and specifically the Vice President of Finance is to ensure that the money we have for this year is spent wisely and makes the lives of the students more comfortable. I urge anyone that has either concerns or advice for the AS team, that you come and speak with me and I will do my part to assist you in any way I am able. I thank all that elected me into this position and let’s have a great year.

Kellen Lueras Parrish


Executive Chief of Staff

 Year: 2014

Major: International Business and Logistics

Hometown: Sacramento, California  

        Hello! My name is Kellen Parrish. This year I will be serving as the Chief of Staff for Associated students. I will be working as the eyes and ears of the rest of the Executive staff and assisting in any way that I can to make this year a time of great positive change here at Cal Maritime with a special interest in leadership development. In my spare time, I enjoy rowing for the Crew team here at school and spending time with my friends and family. If you have any questions about ASCMA or how to get involved, please don’t hesitate to approach me or contact me and ask. I wish everyone a safe and productive year. Go Keelhaulers!


 Mylan Jarett

 External Affairs


Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: Lafayette, California

Wesley LaRue

Environmental Officer 

Year: 2014

Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: Kauai, Hawaii

        I am Wesley LaRue, I’m from the island of Kauai. My major is Marine Transportation; I’m in the graduating class of 2014. I am a part of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens Kauai ohana, I’ve helped educate children about our fragile world through a program called Keiki O Ka Aina (Children of the Land) for the past three years. What I hope to accomplish being the environmental officer is to set this campus on a track to becoming the most ecologically friendly campus in the CSU. I will use ideas from other facilities to improve the campus. Plans for this semester include a compost pile, solar panels, and a lights out hour at night once or twice a week.


Mark Boehland


Veterans Liaison Officer 

Year: 2014

Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

         Hi I'm Mark Boehland from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard. I was stationed in Seattle aboard an icebreaker and in North Carolina at a surf rescue station. I then worked in San Francisco bay as a deck hand and engineer for various tug companies. I am a second year marine transportation student. As veteran’s liaison officer, I hope to advocate for veterans at Cal Maritime.

Kevin Reinhardt

Marketing Officer

Year: 2014

Major: Marine Engineering

Hometown: Placentia, California




Class Representatives 


Kyle Lewis

Senior President

 Year: 2012

Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: Crockett, California

        Hi, my name is Kyle Lewis. I was raised in Crockett , the little town across the bridge. I am the current senior class president, and have been the class representative since my freshman year. I have many goals for this year , a lot of which will be geared towards off campus events. I hoping to make this year fun and one to remember. I am here to represent all of you and look foreword to doing everything I can to be your voice. 

Joe McMillan

Senior Vice President

 Year: 2012

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Calaveras, California 

             Hello, my name is Joe McMillan and I am your Senior Class Vice President.  I am originally from Calaveras County and chose to come to Cal Maritime for its strong engineering and hands on program. I have been studying Mechanical Engineering at this school since 2008.  I am 21 years old and I love fast automobiles and enjoy riding and working on motorcycles in my spare time.  I look forward to a successful year with you all (my fellow classmates) and remain hopeful that I will represent you in a way that proves to be beneficial for all involved.




Jessica Raptis


Junior President


Year: 2013


Major: Mechanical Engineering 




Heather Dean




Junior Vice President

Year: 2013

 Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: Sacramento California

 Because of its size and special mission, CMA allows for unique experiences that would not be possible at a larger university. As junior class vice president, I would like to help create more extracurricular opportunities for personal development, both socially and academically. You can help by bringing your ideas to the board!



Kevin Sweeney



Sophomore President

 Year: 2014

Major: Global Studies and Maritime Affairs

Hometown: Sacramento, California 

Hello, my name is Kevin Sweeney.  I was born and raised in northern California, I am a Global Studies and Maritime Affairs student, and I’m the Sophomore Class President.  I am also a Squad leader, Editor for the school paper, a Resident Assistant, and I play for the jazz band.  I am really looking forward to making this year better for my class and the entire school.


James Casken


Sophomore Vice President

Year: 2014

Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii 

I am currently the V.P. representative for the class of 2014. I am also a squad leader for division 6 Marine Transportation. I love to hear new ideas and do my best to get them heard. I like movies, playing guitar, surfing, skating, swimming, snowboarding, and exercise. My home town is Kailua, Oahu. I attended a private high school called Maryknoll. I am a very relaxed human; so no one should feel scared to talk to me about any issues or concerns. As a current representative, I look forward to addressing the voices of the people in our class; and working with the commits to improve and excel forward to make a better academic year. Aloha and Welcome to the Cal Maritime Associated Students community.


Scott Zane

Freshman President

 Year: 2015

Major: International Business and Logistics

Hometown: Irvine, California


Devon Coyl

Freshman Vice President


Major: Global Studies and Maritime Affairs

Hometown: Chico, California