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Office of the Commandant

The Office of the Commandant is responsible for the well-being and development of the Corps of Cadets. The Corps of Cadets is the integrative structure for the cadet experience at CSUM and the central organization within which students learn, apply, and practice leadership and management theory. In concert with other elements of the Division of Student Affairs and with faculty in Academic Affairs, the Office of the Commandant shares responsibility for the leadership, professional, and personal development of each and every cadet. Learning is accomplished through the academic curricula, workshops and seminars, personal observation and reflection, practical application, self-assessment, and performance evaluations. The Commandant of Cadets leads a team consisting of a Deputy Commandant and two Assistant Commandants, each of whom serves in the role of Company Commandant. Company Commandants are responsible for the development of their respective companies and focus on issues of leadership development, self-discipline, conduct, grooming and uniform standards, and appropriate watchstanding skills and protocols.


The California Maritime Academy will provide all cadets with educational and experiential opportunities to develop their leadership skills as a core part of their college experience.  The Academy will promote the importance of Cal Maritime's core values of dedication, honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, and trust in daily life.

Leadership is the ability, regardless of position in an organization, to generate effective action that produces desired results, in a way that inspires trust and builds capacity for more effective action.

The Office of the Commandant:
Mark Monti
Commandant of Cadets
Phone:  707-654-1181
E-mail:  mmonti@csum.edu
Palin Berkana-Wycoff
MPM Company Commandant
Phone:  707-654-1739
Kristen Bloom
Engine Company Commandant
Phone:  707-654-1786
Michael T. Walker
Deck Company Commandant
Phone: 707-654-1180