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 The Cal Maritime Academy Police Department is responsible for implementing and enforcing laws, rules and regulations for parking and traffic. 

All motor vehicles parked on campus (including those displaying disabled DMV issued placards/license plates) must display an appropriate CSU parking permit. Vehicles that do not display the proper CSU permit are subject to citation. 

To better understand our parking rules and regulations on campus, please take the time to acquaint yourself with the following:

Visitor Parking - Short Term

Parking Permits - Long Term

Parking Rules and Regulations 

Parking Quick Reference Guide 

Parking Overview -- Campus Map

 Disabled Parking Information ***  (CSU Maritime permit required)

Campus Parking Areas -- Lots A Through O

Primary permit type used in each parking lot:  

A ('Admin'): Faculty and staff

B: The 12 paid spaces (between the arrowed signs) are for paid visitor* parking; the remaining spaces are for students. 

C ('Boat Basin'): Faculty and staff

D ('Waterfront'): Faculty staff, and visitors*

E ('Egypt'): Student

('Upper Egypt'): Student

G ('McAllister'): Student

H: Staff; 30 minute spaces**

I: Faculty and staff, SPEL students

J ('Bodnar'): Student

K ('Auto Shop'): Student

(front of P.E. Building): The paid spaces (between the arrowed signs) are for paid visitor* parking; the remaining spaces are for students.

(back of P.E. Building): Student

(lot between P.E. Building and Motel 6): Bus Parking, Special Events- Must be requested in advance.

*Visitors, guests and students may purchase 2-hour, 4 hour, all day, evening, and weekend permits, via the yellow permit machines in lots B, D, J, L, and M. See Visitor Parking for more information. 

** 30 Minute Spaces throughout the campus do NOT require a parking permit, however are monitored and subject to citation for time violations.

***Disabled Parking Spaces DO require a valid CSU Maritime parking permit

Motorcycle Parking is allowed in motorcycle spaces ONLY; Motorcycle parking spaces / areas are located in lots A, B, D, E, and I.


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