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Reporting Crimes or Requests for Assistance 

Routine Service Requests  (707) 654-1176 
On-Campus Emergencies- Don't Stall – Call  (707) 654-1111 
Off-Campus Crimes/Police/Fire/Medical   9-1-1 
The Police Department encourages all campus members to report all crimes, accidents, or incidents that occur on or near the campus. Reports may be made in person, by phone, or in writing. The individual making the report does not have to prove that a crime has occurred.  Any suspicious activity is sufficient to warrant a call to the Police. 
Please be prompt and accurate in reporting all criminal incidents and medical emergencies to us. When calls or reports are made to the police department, a Police Officer and/or Community Service Specialist (CSS) will respond. The focus of the initial response will be the safety of all persons involved in the incident. Police personnel will investigate each report and provide follow-up work as necessary to bring each incident to a final disposition. If outside assistance is needed (i.e., Vallejo Police, Fire, ambulance, etc.), the call will be placed by police dispatch. If your initial report is made to the Vallejo Police Department, please notify the Police in the event a "Timely Warning" will need to be sent to the CSU Maritime Academy community.
San Jose State University Dispatch- (707) 654-1176
Use this dispatch line to contact SJSU Dispatch for routine requests, such as:
Unlock Requests
Lockup Requests
Vehicle Assists
Safety Escorts
Permit Machine Issues
Cold Crime Reports
Lost and Found Inquiries
General Inquiries 

Campus Emergencies or Urgent Calls for Service- (707) 654-1111

Use this dispatch line to contact SJSU Dispatch for campus emergencies or urgent calls for service, such as:
Crimes in progress
If you have been the victim of a crime
Reporting Vehicle/Ground Safety Accidents
Suspicious Persons/Activity 
In Person Contact:


The CSU Maritime Academy Police Department is presently located in Sponsored Projects and Extended Learning (SPEL), in the temporary building located across from McAllister Residence Hall. 

Blue Light Phones
Blue Light Phones have been installed throughout the campus to provide immediate contact with SJSU Dispatch's Emergency Contact Line.
The Blue Light Phones are for EMERGENCY calls only.
Blue Light Phones are only to be used to report Crimes in progress or any reason listed under "911" 


Use 911 to contact Vallejo Police Dispatch (or California Highway Patrol Dispatch via cell phone devices) for ANY emergency, such as:
Fire Emergencies
Medical Emergencies
Emergencies in which you only have a cell phone available (no land line phone nearby)
During any emergency when you cannot remember SJSU Dispatch's contact number.

What To Do When You Call Dispatch

Dispatch may ask:
What is your emergency…or What is the reason for your call? 
What is your name?
What is your location?
Be sure to give as clear of a description as possible regarding the scene, number of victims, number of suspects, suspect description, vehicles involved, license plates, etc. 


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