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Nutrition and Education

One of the responsibilities of Dining Services is to ensure that our cadets have access to the information and nutritional choices that they need. We provide health dining options, as well as educational materials.

USDA Dietary Guidelines

Men's Health® Nutrition

USDA For the Health of It Brochure



Balanced Choices® provides nutrition information, dietary guidelines, Vegan, Vegetarian and reduced calorie and fat options standards. It also identifies functional foods that could provide additional health benefits to individuals. The program goal is for our cadets and guests to obtain a better understanding of nutrition and wellness by providing healthier menu options and promoting food quality and not quantity.


Healthy food concepts are a big part of Chartwells' Balanced Choices® program. In 2001, Chartwells developed the Terra Ve vegan/vegetarian food concept. Terra Ve brings a variety of tasty, meat-free dishes to cadets and guests who choose not to eat animal-based foods and invites meat-eating cadets and guests to learn about the virtues and flavors of vegetarian cuisine. The Terra Ve concept has been honored with the MenuMasters Award for Best On-Site Menu for its innovative, healthy fare.

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