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Federal Work-Study

Thank you for your interest in work-study! Below you will find some frequently asked questions that will be useful in understanding the program.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is designed to provide part-time employment to students who have established financial need according to federal guidelines. The primary goal of the Federal Work-Study Program is to provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience and offset some of their educational costs.
Work-study is a benefit to the student and the employer, Students working under the FWS program have their wages subsidized by the federal government. At Cal Maritime, the federal government pays 75% of the wages and the hiring department pays the remaining 25%.  
Any student who wants to be considered for FWS must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and indicate an interest in work-study on the application.
The Financial Aid Office determines your need and eligibility for FWS. The maximum award for 2013-2014 is $1,500. Before you begin working, you must accept your award through PeopleSoft. If you have not been offered a work-study award as part of your financial aid awards, you cannot work a work-study job.
Earnings from non work-study job are considered when assessing the student contribution when applying for aid in the following year.  Work-study earnings are excluded from the calculation.  
Work-study jobs are posted online on the Financial-Aid Office website. Click HERE to view current job postings.
You must accept your awards through the student portal and complete all the required paperwork through Human Resources.
You are responsible for monitoring your work-study earnings. You cannot earn more than what you were awarded- if you do you will need to ask your employer to change you to a non work-study position or you could be terminated, based on the department's budget.
You need to STOP working if any of the following apply to you:
  • You are enrolled less than half time (under six units);
  • You have withdrawn or taking a LOA from Cal Maritime;
  • You are not meeting financial aid SAP or you are academically disqualified; OR
  • Your earnings = the amount of your work-study award.
  • You are a student first, so be sure to negotiate a schedule that works with your school schedule. If you are sick or cannot come to work, be sure to let your supervisor know.
Work-study is something you earn based on hours worked and hourly pay. It will never flow through your Cal Maritime statement of account- rather you will get a monthly paycheck. You can then use those funds to help buy personal items (shampoo, deodorant), books, supplies, and/or miscellaneous living expenses.
Students are paid monthly. You can receive your paycheck by direct deposit (recommended) or have a check mailed to your current mailing address.
Yes, Work-Study earnings are taxed. Besides Social Security and other applicable taxes, how much is deducted from your paycheck depends largely, when hired, on how you fill out your W-4 form. This relates to "withholding" tax. Read the W-4 form instructions carefully.