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Scholarships are financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit or specific criteria set by the university and/or the donors.  The criteria usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Scholarship money is not required to be repaid.


California Maritime Foundation Scholarships

The California Maritime Academy Foundation manages all scholarship endowments on behalf of the University.  Annual interest earned by the endowments provides a source for student scholarships.  The Foundation also receives annual scholarship funds from individuals, bequests, corporations, foundations and professional associations. 
Awards are based on donor agreements that set a specific minimum GPA that can vary by scholarship.  Additional criteria, such as major, are also set by donors.  Recipients are identified by scholarship application or faculty nomination.  


Applicants must be current Cal Maritime students returning for the Fall 2016 semester. Applications must be submitted annually in order to receive a scholarship.  Funding is not guaranteed from one term to the next.  Academic GPA standing must be maintained in order to qualify for second semester payments as well as eligibility for awards in following years.  Failure to maintain required  academic standing for any semester, submission of an application, or compliance with scholarship criteria  will result in the loss of an award.   

THE APPLICATION WEB SITE FOR RETURNING STUDENT FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS is now available through 2/15/16.  Applications submitted during this period will be for scholarships that are awarded in the 2016-17 academic year.


Scholarships for New Students

Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship (WUE)
The Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship (WUE) program is designed to permit students from participating states to attend Cal maritime at reduced tuition rates.

Captain David Lyman Scholarship for Hawaii Residents  
The Captain David Lyman Scholarship seeks to honor the memory of Captain David Lyman as a longtime member of Hawaii's maritime community by providing financial incentive for Hawaii students to apply to and enroll at the California Maritime Academy and pursue a profession in the maritime field..

Osher Foundation Scholarship for Upper-Division California Community College Transfer Students
The Bernard Osher Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco, was founded in 1977 by Bernard Osher, a respected businessman and community leader. The Foundation seeks to improve quality of life through support for higher education and the arts. The Foundation provides post-secondary scholarship funding to colleges and universities across the nation.  The Osher Foundation Term Endowment was established to provide scholarships of $5,000 or less to community college transfer students.

California State University Systemwide Scholarships

CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement
The CSU Trustees' Awards for Outstanding Achievement recognize students who have demonstrated financial need, modeled exemplary academic performance, community service and personal accomplishments.

Glen and Dorothy Dumke Fellowship
One fellowship of $1,400 is available for the 2016-17 academic year for a graduate student in the areas of public policy, American history, economics, library science, archival management, or government, in order to pursue research projects.

Fly Fishers Club of Orange County Marine Studies Scholarship
One scholarship of $1,500 is available for a student who is majoring in marine studies and has a commitment to community services in fisheries biology.

Trustee Emerita Claudia Hampton California Academy of Math and Science Endowment
Four $4,000 scholarships are available for students who have graduated from the California Academy of Math and Science High School.

Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students - OPEN YEAR ROUND!
Thiry-six (36) scholarships for $10,000 each are available for the 2016-17 academic year.  Also, scholarships remain available for the current 2016-2016 academic year!  Established in 1991, the scholarship supports students who have a visual disability with preference to legally blind students.  Eligible candidates must be enrolled in at least 6.1 units per term.  The CSU will continue to accept applications year-round.  Previous scholarship recipients may reapply.

Richard Leffingwell Scholarship
Two scholarships of $3,000 are available for students pursuing a course of study in Business and Economics and who have demonstrated an interest in public services.  Preference will be given to military veterans.


Student Secured Scholarships

Student secured scholarships are those students bring with them to Cal Maritime.  Generally, these scholarships are given to students with special qualifications, such as academic, athletic or artistic talent.  Awards are also available for students who are interested in particular fields of study, who are members of underrepresented groups, who live in certain areas of the country, or who demonstrate financial need.

Students can search for and apply for scholarships throughout the year.  There are several free scholarship search engines you can use to search for scholarships.  You can find some of these scholarship search engines and organizations below.


Links to Off-Campus Scholarship Opportunities
 Each have individual qualifications, deadlines, and application procedures.





Accredited Schools Online Scholarships for Minority Students

East Bay Community

Minorities in Engineering

Savvy Saver

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Edison International

Mastershield Gutter Guard 

Spokeo Connections Scholarship

Apartments Scholarship

Engage the Crowd Scholarship

Merchants Exchange of Portland

Scholarships for Minorities

Auto Accident Law Firm Survivor Scholarship



Sleepopolis Scholarship

Accident Scholarship

Ensurify Safe Driving Scholarship


The Sleeklens Academic Scholarship

Angie DiPietro Women in Business

Emergency Dentists USA Dental Scholarship

Mixbook Scholarship

Summit Disability Scholarship

Aspiring Occupational Therapist

Electricity Match National Scholarship

Medical Assisting Scholarship

SEO Optimizers

Anelli Xavier Criminal Justice Scholarship

Extreme Technologies Inc. Millenial Scholarship Program

Medals of America

Snoring HQ Scholarship Program

Aspiring Welding Professional

EZstorit Scholarship Fund 

Masters in Education Scholarships

Share Your Talent Scholarship

Addiction Resource

ezDinero Latin Scholarship Fund 

Michael Kiely Strong Roots Scholarship

Scott Yancey

Assisted Living

Foster Child College Scholarship



Affordable Colleges Scholarships For Women

Fitness Fixation Scholarship

Music To Your Home

Spotless Cleaning Chicago Scholarship

Affordable Colleges Scholarships for Hispanic Students

Fry Scholarship

Mathematics Scholarship Contest

SeniorHomes Caregiver Scholarship

Addiction Resource Scholarship

FlipKey Study Abroad

MBA Scholarships

Sleeklens Scholarship

Alaska Cyber Knife Scholarship

Fukunaga (Hawaii students)

Military Veterans Scholarships

Spokane Cyber Knife Scholarship

Ark Law Group Fresh Start Scholarship Program

Frederick L.Sosinsky Scholarship

Mark A. Forester

Sattiraju Law Firm Scholarship

Best Ringworm Creams Scholarship

Financial Women of San Francisco

MIT Think

Simpler Trading National Scholarship Essay Contest

BankMobile Financial Literacy

Future of Assisted Living

My Online Marketer Communications Social Media Scholarship

Senior Caregiver Scholarship

Bant.io Scholarship Program

The Fix Scholarship For Your Contribution to Addiction Awareness

Mike Morse Law Firm Scholarship

Senior Advisor Scholarship


Flosum 2016 Salesforce Developers Scholarship

MyBioSource Scholarship Program

Shankara Ayurvedic Products Scholarship

Best Decision Scholarship

Forms Birds Scholarship

Multiple Sclerosis Scholarship

Social Media Champ

Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center Scholarship

Florida Harbor Pilots Association Scholarship

Matsun Nutrition Scholarship

Summit Disability Law Group 2016 Disability Scholarship

Bespaar Deals Scholarship

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Minority Students

Monumental Markets Healthy Eating Scholarship

Tour Guide Scholarship

BodyGearGuide Scholarship Furnace Record Pressing Music to our Ears Scholarship Nootie Dog Treats Scholarship

Tall Ships America

Bulk Office Supply Scholarship 

Giva Scholarships

Noah's Event Venue


Bachus & Schanker, LLC Scholarship

Golden 1 Credit Union

Narei National Scholarship

Trucking Unltd Scholarship

The Bruce Provda Scholarship

Greenberg & Greenberg Scholarship

Natural Area Rugs Scholarship

Typology Central Personality Type Scholarship

B. Davis

Guerra Dental

National Debt Relief Scholaship

TaskEasy Scholarship

Breant Wieand Esquire Scholarship

Green Home Improvement

Netfloor USA Access Flooring College Scholarship

The Tree Center

Broke Scholar Scholarship

Global English Editing Scholarship Program

Online Banking HQ Scholarship

Trainedto Scholarship

Coupon Follow Scholarship

Gloria Barron Scholarship Prize

Ottinger Law Firm Scholarship

Tungsten Rings & Co. Scholarship

Car Accident Scholarship

Groth Law Firm Scholarship 

Orange County Community Foundation

Training for Success Scholarship

Courthouse Direct

Golden Eagle Coin

Open Internet Scholarship

Towing Companies of Southern Idaho Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Courage to Grow

Ginger Domain SEO Company Scholarship

Omni Papers Essay Contest

USAttorneys.com National Scholarship

Couponing in College

Gen Lloyd Newton Scholarship

Play you Court Scholarship

US Attourneys.com Immigration Scholarship

Complete Computer Solutions

Hansen Injury Law Scholarship

Private Tutors Scholarship

Varsity Tutors 

Candere Scholarship

Hartford Technology Rental Scholarship

Pat Tillman

VIP Scholarship

Child Support Lawyer LA Scholarship

Hub Names Scholarship

Permit Bike Motorcycle

Van Winkles Scholarship

Carport Central Scholarship Program 

Hasbrook & Hasbrook Scholarship


Vol & Tier Excellence in Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Candere Scholarship

Inverters RUs Power Scholarships

PDFfiller Paperless World 

The Urban Mattress Scholarship

Clubs Of America

I Heart My School

Points Scholarships

Vi-Tae Scholarship

The CourseMinded Online Course

iMove College Moving

PritzerOlsen Food Safety

Veterans Scholarship

Caring.com Student  Caregiver Scholarship 


Primary Intelligence Scrapper's Scholarship

"What Insurance Means to Me" Essay Scholarship

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Scholarship

InternetMarketing Scholarship

Personality Type

Whirlwind Steel Student Scholarship 

Craft Resumes 

Injury Scholarship

Points December

Why I Love Dogs Scholarship

Winning Smile Scholarship

Cottage Inn

iVein Health & Wellness Scholarship

Primary Intelligence Scrappers' Scholarship

Women Scholarships

The Casper Scholarship

Just Porter's Creator's Scholarship

Paymaster Scholarship


College Scholarship for High School and College

John Foy & Associates Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship

Paymaster Additional Earnings Scholarship

Write-Right Essay Writing Contest 


JacksonWhite Criminal Law

Price Benowitz Social Justice

Wholesale Halloween Costume Scholarship

CIC Wealth for Financial Excellence Scholarship

Kerri Castellini Women's Leadership

Promo Code Watch Scholarship

Whirlwind Steel Student Scholarship

Danny and Drew National Scholarship

Kush Arora Federal Criminal Justice Reform

Peer Finance 101 Scholarship

Wallaroo Media Scholarship

You Deserve It ScholarshipDuralife Unlocker Challenge


Point 101 Scholarship

XXX Church Heart Disease Awareness Scholarship


DrugNews Scholarships

LendingTree Scholarship

Quit Smoking Community Scholarship

Wedding Tropics Scholarship

Dapper Fox Entrepreneur

Liaise Divorce Solutions

Quick Formations Scholarship Programmes

Women in Science Scholarship

Discontrue Scholarship

LA Tutors

Quirk Law Firm First Generation College Scholarship

You Deserve It 

Drink Brain Juice

LBGTQ Scholarships

Quirk Law Firm Foster Child College Scholarship

Youth Noise Scholarship

DogVacay Scholarship

Lendza "Better Than a Loan" Scholarship


YDI Scholarship

Delayed Education Scholarship for Women Low VA Rates Military Scholarship Rug & Home Scholarship  
Dealspotr Couponing in College Scholarship Lumity Health Care and Science Race Entry Student Scholarship Zumper Apartments Scholarship
Discounttrue Scholarship Opportunity Local Puppy Breeders Scholarship Roxy's Remedies National Scholarship Essay Contest   
DISHPromotions.com Los Angeles DUI Attorney Scholarship Rover College Scholarship  
Digital Marketing Scholarship Louie Family Foundation Scholarship  Rehab Reviews  
DietBuster Scholarship Las Vegas Cyber Knife Scholarship Rifle Optics World Scholarship  
DBA Experts Scholarship Leaffilter Gutter Protection Scholarship Reservation Counter  
    The Realty Medics Scholarship  
    Renters Guide Albany Off-Campus Student Scholarship  
    Rizolt Marketing Missing Link Scholarship 2016 Monder Law Group Scholarship




Student Secured Scholarship Provider Information:

  1. Make checks payable to Cal Maritime
  2. Identify the student's name in the memo section of the check.
  3. Provide contact information and any special instruction in a letter to accompany the check.
  4. Scholarships without special instructions are divided equally between semesters.
  5. Mail scholarship checks to:

Cal Maritime Financial Aid Office
200 Maritime Academy Dr.
Vallejo, CA 94590

6.     Preferred scholarship check schedule

August for the Fall semester or academic year
December for the Spring semester
March for the Summer semester

When Cal Maritime receives a check:

  • The Financial Aid Office will enter the scholarship amount in the student's financial aid award.If the funds are received prior to the start of the semester, it is considered "pending aid" and will defer the tuition payment until the first disbursement of the semester. 
  • Cal Maritime will verify the student meets enrollment or other criteria specified prior to disbursing the scholarship check. 
  • After university charges are paid, any  remaining funds will be disbursed to the student.

Students who have been awarded a student secured scholarship:

  1. You are required to notify the Cal Maritime Financial Aid Office with a copy of your scholarship award.
  2. The organization that awards you the scholarship will generally mail the check to Cal Maritime. If mailed to you directly, bring it to the Financial Aid Office for processing.
  3. The Financial Aid Office will coordinate your scholarship award with your financial aid award package.

XXX Church Heart Disease Awareness Scholarship


Winning Smile Scholarship


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Avoid scholarship scams using the tips below:
If you must pay money to get money, it might be a scam.Spend time, not money.
Never invest more than a postage stamp.
Nobody can guarantee that you'll win a scholarship.
Legitimate scholarship foundations do not charge a fee.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Free Scholarship Search Engines


College Net


Business Students

Engineering Students




Scholarship America

Scholarship Search Hints:
1. Narrow search terms
2. Be specific about your personal "identifiers"
3. "Un-check" box which allows site to share information.

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