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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I live?

Cal Maritime has four facilities that you may reside in. All first year students live either in Upper Residence Hall or on TSGB. All incoming students are placed in spaces on a first come, first served basis, while keeping specific needs in mind. All students involved in the Freshman License Track Living Learning Program will live on the TSGB for a semester.

What regulations govern residence hall life?

The California Maritime Academy Student Handbook contains a complete list of all rules and regulations, which include compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Will I have a roommate?

All students should plan on having a roommate.Our facilities only have seven rooms designated as single rooms. These are given out on a seniority basis. The number of rooms for use as a single after placement is limited. These rooms will also be given out based on seniority. Throughout the processes of room changes and consolidation, some rooms may become available. The residents in these rooms will have the opportunity to declare a single room if Cal Maritime does not have other needs.

How and when will I receive my housing assignment?

Housing assignments are made approximately one month before the start of school. At this time, the Housing and Residential Life Staff will contact all students at their Cal Maritime e-mail address of their assignment, roommate and check in appointment.

Is it easy to meet other students when you live in a residence hall?

Living on campus is by far the easiest and most convenient way to get acquainted. Many free or inexpensive programs and events—sponsored by the Residential Life Staff—will help you get acquainted, become involved and have a great time.

What furnishings come with the rooms?

Every room comes furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, wardrobe/closet, and dresser per occupant and one microfridge per room (no other mini-fridges or microwaves are permitted for any student).  Any furniture you choose to bring should be considered with the limited space in mind as you may not remove any university-issued furniture from your room.

When do I check in and check out?

Check in for returning students is the weekend before classes begin and first year students will check in a day prior to Orientation. The residence halls are closed over Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks. There are limited opportunities for Break Housing and only in special circumstances. Keep your eyes out for publicity and Portal messages.

Do I have to move out at semester break?

Your license does not cover this period, but you can leave your belongings in your room during this time if you are registered and returning to the same room for Spring Semester. If you plan to stay during this period, you will be required to sign an additional license and may be required to pay a nominal fee. Freshmen involved in the Freshman Living Learning Program will be required to move out completely so that the rooms may be cleaned prior to the second semester students moving in.

How can I personalize my room?

Students are encouraged to personalize their rooms within reasonable guidelines set by the Office of Housing & Residential Life. Rooms can be personalized with posters and other wall coverings using sticky tack or painter's tape. Small carpets and curtains with tension rods may also be added to rooms for personalization. Students should check with their RA or one of the Coordinators for Residence Life regarding standards before proceeding. Students are not allowed to paint their rooms.

Why do you say “residence hall” and not “dormitory”?

The term “dorm” or “dormitory” is a throwback to the 1940s, ‘50s and early ‘60s when 18-year-olds were not legal adults and facilities looked and were operated rather like barracks. On-campus housing has gone through a tremendous period of development since then. Today, residents live, study, interact, and grow through a wide range of social and educational programs. So the term “residence hall” truly reflects on-campus housing in the present times.

May I have visitors?

Invited guests may visit in your room at times mutually acceptable to you and your roommate. Guests may stay overnight in student rooms (not to exceed 3 days) if the host resident’s roommate gives permission. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests. However, visitors are not allowed during semester breaks.

What appliances are allowed in residence hall rooms?

Items that are not allowed in students’ rooms include but are not limited to: air conditioners, space heaters, hot plates, immersion heaters microwaves, open-coil appliances and your own mini-fridges. Cal Maritime provides each room in Upper, McAllister and Lower Residence Halls with microfridge/microwave units. In general, any appliance that has an exposed heating surface or draws a large amount of energy is not permitted. Use of all other appliances; popcorn poppers, hot pots, curling irons, coffee pots, etc. must be used in a safe manner so as not to cause a health or fire hazard. Halogen lamps are prohibited from the residence halls as well.

What should I bring?

A “what to bring” list is included on our Housing webpage. Freshmen students will be provided with their roommate’s name and are encouraged to communicate with one another about items that each roommate will contribute to the living environment. This will eliminate duplication of large items that may take up an excess of space (stereos, televisions, etc.).

Are laundry facilities available in the residence halls?

Card operated washers and dryers are available in Upper, Lower, and McAllister Residence Halls. You may use your debit or credit card with these machines. They will place an $8 hold on your bank account, however that hold will be released within 24-72 hours and you will only be charged the cost of your laundry. The TSGB has laundry rooms and detergent for all residents living on the TSGB- you may not use your own laundry detergent. 

Can I access the Internet from my room?

Wireless Internet has been installed in McAllister, Upper and Lower Residence Hall as well as direct data ports are available in each student room. The campus supports personal computers on the network. We require an Ethernet adapter to connect to the network. Modems cannot be used to access the computer network. All students who choose to utilize the campus network or email are required to sign a computer usage agreement.

Is there cable television?

Expanded basic television cable service is provided for each student room. Premium cable may be purchased via the local cable provider. Remote controls can be purchased from the Bookstore.