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Google Docs


Google Docs is a powerful and free online storage and collaboration suite of tools. The power of Google Docs is demonstrated in this short video here

You can use it to quickly share and collaborate on items in real time. You can upload Microsoft Office documents as well as PDFs and images which you can view online or convert  to the Google Docs format to edit.

The Google Docs suite of products consists of

  • Documents -an online word processor
  • Spreadsheets -an online spreadsheet tool
  • Presentations- similar to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Forms- online form tool used to collect input and store data
  • Drawings -online drawing board

Google Docs for Educators

Getting Started

In order to use Google Docs, you will need a Google account.

Google Docs Tutorials and Guides

Docs basics
How to create, edit, and share a document.
Google Docs: Share and Collaborate
Sharing and Collaborating on Documents
Spreadsheets basics
How to access, create, edit, and share a spreadsheet.
Presentations basics
How to access, create, edit, and share a presentation.
Google Drive basics
An overview of the new Google Drive list for organizing, finding, and sharing documents and files of any type.