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Corps of Cadets

Essential to the leadership training program at Cal Maritime is the Corps of Cadets, to which every undergraduate student belongs. Through participation in the Corps, cadets develop the self-discipline, self-esteem, and character that will help them succeed in their chosen careers. Being a cadet means being responsible, reliable, punctual, patient, professional, and attentive to detail. Being a cadet also means adhering to mandatory uniform and grooming standards. Ultimately every cadet understands how to follow directions, work as a member of a team, and lead others at the academy and on the training ship. This leadership development, the ultimate goal of the Corps of Cadets, enables every graduate to excel whether at sea or shore side.
The Corps of Cadets is comprised of approximately 60 cadet officers appointed by the President from the junior and senior classes. The Corps Commander is the highest ranking Corps Officer and works closely with his/her Corps Executive Officer, Academic Training Officer, Corps Adjutant, Chief Mates, Chief Engineers, and Chief Pursers. The Corps is organized into three companies, D, E, and M representing the Deck, Engine, and IBL/ GSMA majors. Each company contains four divisions and each cadet is placed into a division at the beginning of Fall Orientation. Company and Division Commanders along with Cadet Officers within their respective units, work closely with all cadets developing professionalism, watch standing, and leadership skills. These officers also work to ensure high morale, camaraderie, and fellowship within their divisions.
It is an honor to be a cadet at Cal Maritime and that honor carries with it pride and responsibility that exceeds that of a normal college student. A Cal Maritime cadet is asked to do more, is held to higher standards of personal conduct and professionalism, and is given more responsibility than the traditional college student.
The Corps Executive Staff consists of the Corps Commander, Corps Executive, Academic Training, and Adjutant Officers, the Deck/Engine/MPM Company Commanders and the ASCMA Executive President. The team meets on a regular basis with the Commandant of Cadets to discuss leadership development and issues pertaining to the Corps of Cadets.




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