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The Officers and Staff of ASCMA


Kevin P. Sweeney 


Executive President and CEO

Year: 2014

Major: GSMA

Hometown: Rocklin, CA

My name is Kevin Patrick Sweeney and I am the Executive President of the California Maritime Academy.  This year I plan on improving and solidifying the jobs and job descriptions of all the officers on the board.  I want to pass more legislation to improve the life of students.  I want to allow more transparency and work closely with the Corps Staff and the Housing Department.  These are all easily attainable goals that will make this year and years to come better for everyone on campus.

Jonny Jordan

Executive Vice President

Year: 2014

Major: MET

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

My name is Jonny Jordan. I am your ASCMA Executive Vice President and Engineering Company Commander.


Tomas Pierson Perez

Executive Vice President of Finance and CFO

Major: MT

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

My name is Tomas Pierson Perez.  I am the Executive VP of Finance.  Along with AS, I also play Cal Maritime Rugby.  As a member of ASCMA, I make sure I represent the student body in every facet of student life, expressing their tribulations and trepidations through my own voice in board meetings.  The plans I have in store for this year will be in every student’s best interest.  A goal of mine, as well as AS, is to make sure the student budget is spent wisely, creating a more enjoyable environment for my peers on and off-campus, and to raise campus pride.  I encourage all those who have any concerns, or just need straight advice for whatever reason, to come and speak with me.  I will do my best to make sure you walk out of my office with all your questions answered.  Hope to be seeing all of you around! Have a great year!

Matt Saxton



Executive Chief of Staff





Rachel Neuharth


Programming Director

Year: 2014

Major: GSMA


Emily Keyes

Editor in Chief of the Binnacle

An eccentric, Alaskan, with a weird humor.

She spells in numbers
And counts in syllables
And reads in bright colors.

Lives by the motto “it could be worse”

Tangled up in nostalgia of the past and confused by the future, but excited for now.

Writes and produces The Binnacle and adds commentary on everything.



Natalie Laconsay


Community Engagement Officer

Year: 2016

Major: Business Administration/International Business & Logistics

Hometown Vallejo, CA


Hello. My name is Natalie Laconsay.  I am a second year cadet and very excited to serve as the Community Service Officer for 2013-2014. Vallejo is my hometown where I have always tried to make contributions to my schools and community.  I plan to promote and raise awareness that will motivate others to get involved in the many local projects and events because giving back cultivates charity. I know first hand how rewarding it is to “pay it forward” and that one person can make a difference. Last year, I was a Coxswain on the Varsity Crew Team and served on the Fee Advisory Committee and Student Health Advisory Committee. This year I am a Division 2M Squad Leader.  I enjoy playing golf, playing piano, theater and mostly anything outdoors! J Yay!


Go Keelhaulers


 H. Morgan Seel

External Affairs




Handsome. Blue Eyes. America.

Blake Ortiz

Environmental Officer 







Veterans Liaison Officer 





Rachel Nadell

Marketing Officer

Year: 2015

Major: Marine Engineering Technology

Hometown: Truckee, CA


Ryan Ham


Senior Class President

Class: 2014

Major: Global Studies and Maritime Affairs


Hometown: Elk Grove, CA


Hi! My name is Ryan Ham and I'm the Senior Class President. I'm also on the crew team for the third year and I am a division commander for division 3M. My main goal for this school year is to have a successful commencement, find an awesome commencement speaker, bring back the senior BBQ, and create a rewarding senior project for both the school and the community. In my free time, I like not skipping leg day, so much so that leg day is three times a week. 


Connor Golden 

Senior Vice President




I swim.

Mitchell Kobayashi

Junior Class President



Major: MT

Hometown: Roseville, CA

Hello Everyone! I am a Marine Transportation student from Roseville California.  Some of my favorite things in this world are Mexican food, soccer, and hockey.  If any of you want to become more involved with this school feel free to approach me anytime. I would love to get to know all of you!


Will Lindsey



Junior Vice President







Nick Mattern

Sophomore Class President

Year: 2016

Major: Marine Transportation

Hometown: El Dorado Hillz

I'm 19 years old, I'm single and I love long walks on the beach.  I come from a long line of legendary swordfishermen.  

Chrissy Edmiston

Sophomore Vice President

Global Studies and Maritime Affair

Class of 2016


My focus and aspiration this year is forming a connection between student and the way the school is operated; in other words, every cadet's voice makes a huge difference in the way that decisions are made on this campus.  For example- huge goal of mine is to see women's varsity soccer at CMA. Just by beginning to integrate a women's soccer team, up and coming changes like this prove that small additions to our campus can have a long term impact. Let's shake things up and make it a year to remember. Boom goes the dynamite.


Thomas James 

Freshman Class President


Major: IBL

Class of 2017

My name is Thomas James and I am Freshman class President.  My goal is simple, represent the class of 2017 by picking up where the current ASCMA leadership has worked hard to accomplish so far.  My main priority, to improve all aspects of the CMA life both residentially and educationally.  I lean on my fellow freshman cadets to voice their observations of the overall standard of living at CMA.  This is our time, lets make the best of it! 



Carlton Bartlett 

Freshman Vice President