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Summary of Public Comments and Cal Maritime Responses

This is where all appropriate comments, questions, and responses about future impaction from this web site and public meetings will be summarized within one week of submission.

Date Comment SourceComment or QuestionCampus Response
2-12-2013Meeting with local school officials (open to the public)

The Vallejo Unified School District expressed caution in the face of Cal Maritime’s impaction proposal due to a concern that local constituents are in need of higher education opportunities; however is aware of space limitations at Cal Maritime.

Both the local schools and Cal Maritime are open to creating a bridge between related studies in the progression from high school to college. 

Sonoma State University still provides priority admission to residents of Solano County. It is the CSU campus that has the county in its local admission area.

Communication efforts will include information on rising impaction standards and the increase in steps and requirements beyond the A-G requirements and 2,900 index score that is currently the minimum requirement for the California State University System.

2-12-2013Meeting with local school officials (open to the public) 

What percentage of students are transfer applicants versus first time freshman (no college credit)?

 Roughly 38% are transfer students and 62 percent are first-time freshmen
2-12-2013Meeting with local school officials (open to the public)How do Cal Maritime's plans measure up to competitors in the Maritime Academy niche?

Cal Maritime is one of 6 state-supported maritime academies in the U.S. and the only one on the West Coast.  They have varying admission processes that help meet their enrollment goals.

Among the other CSU campuses, Cal Maritime is one of the last campuses to use impaction to control enrollment.

2-12-2013Meeting with local school officials (open to the public) How do Cal Maritime's programs appeal to applicants from outside of California?Due to the unique relationship between the CSU and Federal Government in operating a maritime academy serving the western half of the U.S., Cal Maritime is mandated to enroll at least 10% of the students from states outside California.



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