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Choosing a Computer

What to Purchase

If you plan to bring a computer to Cal Maritime we recommend you bring a laptop for maximum flexiblity.There are a myriad of choices and configurations. The video on the left from PCWorld gives a good overview of what to look for in a laptop.
CNET rates the best Laptops in their 
2010 spring buying guide. The notebooks are separated by categories:
  • Netbook -ultra-portable mini laptops with no disc drive
  • Budget -laptops for less than $599
  • Mainstream - laptops priced from $600 to $999
  • High-end - laptops $1000 and up
On their Laptop page http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/ they break out and rate laptops by price, screen size, function etc.
PCWorld has a great video, How To Buy a Laptop

Where to Buy

The Major Retailers stores offering good deals include

Be sure to also checkout Dell and Gateway