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Information Technology Policies & Procedures


Campus IT Policies

CMA IT Purchasing

Computer and Electronic Email Usage Agreement   MS Word or PDF

Computer Crimes (Policy 203.7)

Information Systems Security Statement (Policy 2089, Rev 2/17/00)

Access to Computer Resources (Policy 208.1, Rev 2/15/00)

Information Technology Responsible Use (Policy 208.2, Rev 2/15/00)

Information Technology Strategic Planning (Policy 208.3, Rev 1/31/00)

System Administration (Policy 208.4, Rev 2/15/00)

Information Technology Roles and Responsibilities (Policy 208.5, Rev 2/15/00)

Operating System Software Maintenance (Policy 208.6, Rev 2/15/00)

Policy Review Process 208.7*

Hardware Standards (Policy 208.8, Rev 2/7/00)

Information Technology Hardware Purchases and Maintenance (Policy 208.9, Rev 2/7/00)

Application Software Standards (Policy 208.10, Rev 2/1/00)

Application Software Development (Policy 208.11, Rev 2/1/00)

Application Software Purchase & Maintenance (Policy 208.12, Rev 12/15/00)

Use of Campus E-mail (Policy 208.13, Rev 2/7/01)

External Network Access (Policy 208.14, Rev 2/15/00)

Modem Access (Policy 208.15, Rev 2/15/00)

Information Systems Security Statement (Policy 208.16)

Password Management (Policy 208.17, Rev 2/15/00)

Data Confidentiality, Security, and Handling (Policy 208.18, Rev 2/15/00)

Physical Security to IS Facilities and Resources (Policy 208.19, Rev 2/15/00)

Password Policy and Standards


Corporation for Education Network Initiatives Corporation (CENIC)

CENIC CalREN-2 Acceptable Use Policy
Cal Maritime is a member institution of CENIC. Therefore, users of Cal Maritime's telecommunication network facilities are required to adhere to CENICS's Acceptable Use Policy


CSU Policies and Executive Orders

CSU Information Security Policy 8000.0-8095.0

CSU Records Retension and Disposition Schedules

Executive Order No. 999 Illegal Electronic File Sharing and Protection of Electronic Copyrighted Material

All CSU Executive Orders (including IT-related)


State and Federal Laws

California Penal Code Section 484-502.9

Privacy Laws (compiled by San Diego State University)

State of California Executive Order S-16-04 (Prohibits use of State resources for illegal downloading of copyrighted material)



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