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You've nurtured them, taught them, fed them, and taken care of them their entire life. It's an exciting yet frightening time in their lives and you want to be sure your child is well taken care of. Our goal is to help your child understand and make the right dining choices by offering them a variety of options and dining styles from which to choose. While we may never completely replace Mom's cooking, we will offer a selection of both comforting foods as well as authentic cuisine styles to entice and expand your child's palette.

We view the dining program not only from a nutritional stand point but also as an important social aspect of your student's growth. By offering many options, it encourages your student to explore new cuisines, meet new people, and make new friends. Dining on campus allows them to take part in the socialization that happens during meals, allowing them opportunities to interact outside of the classroom.

Whether your son or daughter is an incoming freshman or a returning student, we have plenty of convenient dining options for students to enjoy! Our program has been designed to enable students to get together, eat a delicious and nutritious meal and have lots of fun! Also there are plenty of special events and innovative promotions planned. Whether students are on the go, an early riser or a health conscious diner, we are sure our program will meet your student's needs.

Make sure your student is well fed while away at college.


Show your college student that you're still thinking of her/him by sending them a "Sweet Treat Gift Basket" that is easy for you to order from the Dining Services Department.

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