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Department of Sciences and Mathematics

The mission of our department is the advancement of knowledge in sciences and mathematics. To further this fundamental goal, we strive to effectively teach students while exploring the boundaries of what is known through scholarly research.

In our increasingly complex world, a genuine understanding of science and mathematics is required to engage humanity's biggest problems and progress toward our most profound objectives.  To these ends, we focus on empowering students with knowledge and strengthening the global intellectual community.

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Outstanding Faculty

The California State University recognizes individual faculty member​s who have received campus awards in teaching, scholarship or service. These profiles demonstrate their intellectual, social and cultural influence as well as their dedication to the mission of the California State University.​

Alexander Parker, Ph.D.

Simons, Julie

Julie Simons, Ph. D


Cynthia Trevisan, Ph.D.


Frank Yip, Ph. D.



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Last updated: 8/27/20