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CSU Fully Online Courses Program

Enroll in Fully Online Courses Offered by Other CSU Campuses.

Full-time CSU students enrolled at any CSU campus have access to fully online courses at other CSU campuses through the CSU Fully Online program.  The CSU Fully Online program provides an opportunity for eligible matriculated students to enroll in one course per term offered by another CSU campus. The program is aimed to facilitate access to high demand, high success courses as part of the continuing effort to provide students with access to the courses needed to expedite graduation.

The CSU Fully Online program offers courses from each of the 23 system campuses in a variety of disciplines to accommodate the needs of current CSU students

Credit earned at the CSU campus offering the online course is automatically reported to your home campus and included on your transcript. Before enrolling in an online course at another CSU, consult with your academic adviser to determine how the course may apply to your degree requirements.  Students may also send an email to registrar@csum.edu for more information.

Find out more at calstate.edu/concurrent.

Eligibility for Participation

Concurrent enrollment is possible only in simultaneous terms, e.g. semester-calendar-campus to semester-calendar-campus or quarter-calendar-campus to quarter-calendar-campus. A student is required to meet the following conditions to be eligible for CSU Fully Online.

1. Student has completed at least one term at the home campus as a matriculated student and earned at least 12 units there.

2. Student has attained a grade point average of 2.0 in all work completed at the home campus and is in good standing at that campus.

3. Student will be/is enrolled at home campus during the period of concurrent enrollment at host campus and has paid tuition and fees as a full-time student.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available only through the home campus and students eligible for veterans,  e rehabilitation, social security and other federal, state or county benefits must secure eligibility certification through the home campus.  Since units completed through CSU Fully Online are not completed at the home campus, the Financial Aid Office at the home campus must manually account for additional units. While a copy of the form can be directly provided to the Financial Aid Office by the home campus Registrar, evidence of enrollment at the host campus may be required in order to receive full payment of aid. If ICE units increase aid eligibility, a manual process to disburse additional aid at the correct amount will likely be required.

Tuition and Fees

Concurrently enrolled students pay CSU tuition fees and campus fees to the home campus based upon the total number of units for which she/he is or plans to be registered, including units on the home as well as host campus (e.g., nine units at home and three units at host equals full-time fees). Payment is certified on all copies of the application. Home campus non-resident tuition fees, as appropriate, are paid at the same time and entry made with the fee certification. Non-resident tuition fees and course/lab fees for enrollment at the host campus are the only fee types which may be collected by the host campus for CSU Fully Online students. These fees should be paid directly to the host campus at the time of enrollment at the host campus.

CSU Fully Online Enrollment Dates

Spring 2020 or Winter 2020 (Quarter) CSU Fully Online Courses - Enrollment/Grading Dates
CampusTerm TypeAB386 Enrollment Dates (Host)CourseMatch Enrollment DatesHome students enrollment link datesCourse Start DateCampus Grading Date
BakersfieldSemesterDecember 2 - January 24December 2 - January 24December 2 - January 241/21/20205/22/2020
Channel IslandsSemesterJanuary 6 - January 24 December 2 - January 241/27/20205/29/2020
ChicoSemesterJanuary 13 - January 24 December 2 - January 241/21/20205/22/2020
Dominquez HillsSemesterJanuary 6 - January 17 December 2 - January 301/21/20205/20/2020
East BaySemesterDecember 2 - January 17December 2 - January 17December 2 - January 171/21/20205/25/2020
FresnoSemesterJanuary 10 - January 24 December 2 - January 241/17/20205/26/2020
FullertonSemesterDecember 19 - January 15December 2 - January 15December 2 - January 151/18/20205/22/2020
HumboldtSemesterJanuary 2 - January 17 December 2 - January 241/21/20205/22/2020
Long BeachSemester  December 2 - February 31/21/20205/21/2020
Los AngelesSemesterDecember 2 - January 7 December 2 - January 171/21/20205/22/2020
Monterey BaySemesterJanuary 13 - January 27 

December 2 - January 27

NorthridgeSemesterJanuary 10 - January 24 December 2 - January 241/21/20205/22/2019
PomonaSemesterJanuary 2 - February 3December 2 - January 28December 2 - February 31/18/2020 
SacramentoSemesterJanuary 14 - January 30December 2 - January 30   
San BernadinoQuarter     
San DiegoSemesterJanuary 15 - January 21 December 2 - January 211/22/20205/22/2020
San FranciscoSemesterJanuary 14 - January 26December 2 - January 26December 2 - January 26      1/27/20205/29/2020
San JoseSemesterJanuary 6 - January 16December 2 - January 10December 2 - January 161/23/20206/8/2020
San Luis ObispoQuarterDecember 7 - January 3 November 5 - January 51/6/20203/27/2020
San MarcosSemesterDecember 2 - January 24December 2 - January 17December 2 - February 31/21/20206/1/2020
SonomaSemesterDecember 2 - February 4December 2 - January 4December 2 - February 41/21/20206/1/2020
StanislausSemesterDecember 2 - January 23 December 2 - January 23        1/27/20206/1/2020


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