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President's 2017-18 Academic Year Welcome Remarks

One year ago, we introduced Cal Maritime's strategic planning initiative, pointing out that the story of our strategic plan was a story of action. Recent visitors to our campus have probably witnessed that action and seen some early progress.

In his widely acclaimed book, Good to Great, author James C. Collins noted that greatness "is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline." As evidenced within these pages, Cal Maritime is making conscious choices to build on our past successes and work with discipline to remain true to our mission.

With the addition of new alumni chapters and increasing enrollment, Cal Maritime continues to broaden its reach – in what we trust will be lifelong connections to the Academy. We are also outlining plans for growth – growth in our academic offerings, growth in our capacity to serve cadets while they are on campus, and growth in our ability to maintain meaningful relationships with our alumni.

James Collins also wrote that "great vision without great people is irrelevant." How very true. The great people at Cal Maritime include our cadets and their families, our faculty, our alumni, our staff, our industry and government partners, and our local communities. Every one of them is a part of the Cal Maritime team, contributing to our success and creating strong, lasting connections to our Academy.

I invite you to visit our campus. Cal Maritime is a great place – and it keeps getting better.



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Last updated: 7/16/20