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President's 2014-15 Academic Year Welcome Remarks

Welcome back to the world's finest maritime academy. We're off and running toward another exciting year. As you return to the campus, you'll see a number of changes: demolition of the Vallejo Inn, the near-completion of our new sports complex and water survival training center (complete with new Olympic pool by September 18), a freshly updated and space-optimized library, a renovated classroom building including an updated Classroom 103, a new look in the Faculty Building, a fully-gutted former Mess Deck (which will be converted to a student services center this Fall), a completed foundation for the Police Services Building (with full completion by November), and a renovated Student Health Center.
Even better, we have new faces on campus. We have filled vacancies in many positions and added more tenure-track faculty, an institutional researcher, additional financial aid counselors and administrative assistants. All of the changes have one thing in mind – cadets.
This year Cal Maritime, after intensive scrutiny by two agencies (ABET: Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology; IACBE: International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education), received full re-accreditation for our three engineering programs and our business administration program. Our university as a whole was also fully re-accredited for another five years by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). These re-accreditations reaffirm the strength of our academic programs and, in turn, are evidence of a vibrant and devoted faculty.
We are positioned to deliver better service to the students and to one another through these many gains. They represent a wonderful set of accomplishments by a great team of dedicated shipmates across the campus. I want to thank all our campus team for the significant efforts they've made on our quest to become better each day. It is all adding up…and we have visible evidence…so don't be bashful - walk a little taller as we dedicate ourselves to another rewarding year of service to our cadets, the maritime industry, and the people of California.

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Last updated: 7/16/20