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The professional growth and development of Cadets extends well beyond the classroom. One of the unique and discriminating features of attending Cal Maritime is the requirement that every Cadet stand watch. Watch standing has a long and proud tradition at the school and plays a major part in a Cadet's leadership development.

Cadets in academic majors that support shore-side, logistics operations will stand port security watches. Cal Maritime's Port, Vallejo 01 (VL01) is a secure port and must be manned at all times unless relieved by higher authority.  Port security watch standers must adhere to the security and safety standards established by the Cal Maritime Police Department in order to create a seamless transition between watchstanders. 

Cadet in academic majors that support licensed track operations will stand the corresponding watches aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear (TSCB).  The watches aboard the TSGB allow cadets to gain experience on the vessel, prepare for their summer voyages, and work toward the proper number of sea time hours required for licensure.  

All watches are designed to give progressive responsibility by year group and the opportunity to share knowledge amongst peers.  Both TSGB and port security watches require a high level of situational awareness and overall professionalism, which translate easily into whatever career path cadets choose. 

How is watch scheduled?

Watches are assigned by divisions.  Each division has duty for at least a 24-hour period beginning at 0800.  Weekend watches begin at 0800 on Friday and run through 0800 on Monday.

Watch bills are prepared by the Division Executive Officer and approved by the Division Commander.  Watch conflicts are taken into account and managed differently by each Division Executive Officer.  Once you know your class, athletics, and weekend schedule, submit your conflicts and avoid being placed on the watch bill. 

Watch bills will be posted at least 2 weeks in advance, BUT every cadet may be recruited for a last minute emergency watch on their divisional duty day and should plan for this accordingly.  The Division Executive Officer will ensure watchstanders are notified of any changes no less than 24 hours prior to watch.

Watch exchanges follow the formalized process utilizing the Watch Transfer Form and should be the exception, not the norm.  The Watch Transfer Form must be submitted by both cadets exchanging watches and they must be qualified for the positions they are exchanging.  Sports or classes do not excuse one from missing watch.  Submit watch conflicts ahead of time to avoid being scheduled.  Once watch bills are posted, cadets are responsible for the watch they are assigned.

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Last updated: 8/27/20