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Before Your First Day

We are excited that you have decided to join the Cal Maritime community and look forward to seeing you on your first day. 
  1. Conditions of Employment – address and conduct applicable conditions of employment (some may be job specific)
  • Background Check via Accurate Background – your HR representative will send you the link via e-mail address provided on resume. You will have 10 days to submit your information
  • Licenses and Certifications – to be verified by HR representative
  • Fingerprinting – you will be emailed the Live Scan Request form and directed to a live scan location. Note: you will be responsible for paying out of pocket for live scan and reimbursed by hiring department.
  • Pre-placement physical – scheduled by HR representative
  • Pre-employment Drug Screening – scheduled by HR representative
  1. Complete Human Resources New Employee Paperwork (bring with you on first day)
  • Section I – All Employees
  • Section II: Complete the forms as directed in offer letter
  • Review Employee Policies and Procedures - Complete and sign Policy Acknowledgement Checklist; submit with new employee paperwork


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Last updated: 7/20/20