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Tell Me Something Good...

Every week, faculty and staff recognize their peers for the good work they have done..

October 4, 2016
Bobby King: Good visit from Univision last week, Cynthia Trevisan was a great help, as were students Alejandra Pantoja Salgado, Luis Castaneda, and Vanessa Pena. Professors Bill Schmid and Marisa Sutro also helped out by accommodating filming in their classes. 
VP Kreta: New Sailing Director, Jaimie Bartlett
VP Arp: Visit from the President of the America's Division from ABS as part of our re-engagement with ABS
Matt Tener: Approached to join VCUSD's new program for local high schools to increase college readiness among the Latino population
James Dalske: Mike Sablich and facilities staff have really improved and are more responsive
President Cropper: Our Cadets were heavily praised for their work in the Vallejo Waterfront Festival – "Without your Cadets, the festival would have failed" ~ John Riley

June 27, 2016
Provost Opp thanked Donna Nincic for having a huge impact on campus, bringing new programs, lots of good feedback and information at meetings, and her last meeting with us at Cal Maritime. 
Marc McGee thanked Rick Cintas, one of our groundskeepers, for being the most enthusiastic employee who talked about us to a visiting family getting a tour of our campus. 
Priscilla Muha thanked the facilities staff, Mike, Zach, and Joseph helped to make her office look beautiful. 
Kate Kimble thanked Ken Sayles for checking in while having a broken hand. He checked in to make sure Housing has enough keys or anything else he can do to help.
President Cropper thanked Sam Galli, who is one of the product or our efforts. He has been the utility infielder and outfielder for whatever it takes to move things along. Filling in Conference and Events, working on the operational excellence for many people around the table. 

April 11, 2016
Mike Kazek announced that the CMAM (California Maritime Academy Masters) Swim club (made up of students, staff, faculty and community members) swam over the weekend at the Pacific Masters Short course. As a small team they placed second overall. They were 12th out of 75 teams that competed overall. They had 10 swimmers compete out of 734 swimmers.
Commandant Monti commented that he enjoyed Cal Maritime Day. He thought it was well done.
Provost Opp also thanked everyone who helped out with Cal Maritime Day. Even our Cadets were eager to help out. 
Donna Nincic thanked Susan Bigler for spending 4-5 hour at the Chinese Consulate trying to obtain visas for Cadets travel on the International Experience trip. Donna also thanked Shari Smiljanic-Villa for working on the Fall schedule and the request the Faculty are making of her. In addition to doing the graduation checks at the same time. 
Veronica Boe thanked Isidro Farias for continuing to facilitate everything that is going on with the trailer installations out at MSSC. She also thanked Lee Bowen for coming out quickly to address the electrical issue. It is not easy or convenient to make it out to Richmond. She also wanted to thank Walter Abarca who came out to address their server issues. 
VP Lozano thanked the Cadets who came out to plant the trees on Sunday. They are Cadets Clinton Ar, Carlton Bartlett, Miguel Cortes, John Daily, Alec Fetzer, Kameron Hoyt, Bianca Hussein, Sean Moses, Franklin Riley, Patrick Shields, Steven Stege, Alex Steuernagel, Levi Strandberg, Peter Ton, and Joann Valdivia. He also wanted to thank Groundskeepers Rick Cintas and Geoff Chappell for coming out on Sunday, as well as, the leadership of Mike Sablich and Chris Cohea
Captain Bolton thanked those faculty and staff who came out to play softball against the students. We had more Faculty/Staff come out then students. The Facutly/Staff team won this year 16-15.
VP Arp thanked Sharon Culpepper for doing a terrific job in lining up the appointments during all of the legislative visits in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. He announced that the President received the Educator of the Year award from ITEP on April 7th. 
AVP Williams talked about our sailing team and hearing some news on the radio on her way in to work this morning. 

April 4, 2016
Dean Jim Burns thanked Brig Timpson & Bobby King for the communications efforts. Their newsletter was fantastic. It was a real nice quick way to look at the events of the week. Jim also thanked Tamra Donnelly, Bill Davidson, and Taylor Price were instrumental in developing the policy they needed for the Chancellor's office. Jim was appreciative of Tamra's quick turnaround, her responsiveness to issues, and how fast she gets to work on tasks – it's hard to keep with her!
Dean James Dalske thanked Roger Scranton – not many people on campus know just what he does with conduct. He is one busy guy right now, staying until 8:00pm at night to get things done. He has been holding people accountable and has many discipline hearings right now until the end of the semester. James also wanted to thank Eric Cooper for all that he has done for the students this year. He has been going to Basketball games, Ruby games, Changeover, he is a club officer with ASCMA, he is in charge of a FIG, he has attended Pearls of Power – all of these will have huge lasting efforts with this students when they became alums. He is fun and lovable and having him at these events will have long standing efforts for Cal Maritime in repairing our Alumni relationships. 
VP Bob Arp thanked Cadet Mitchell and Cadet Bichlmeier for accompanied him and President Cropper to Sacramento last week. They did a phenomenal job representing Cal Maritime. 
Provost Sue Opp thanked Peg Solveson for stepping up to be our Interim Registrar. One thing that has impressed the Provost about Peg is – not only does she have the institutional knowledge but she is also forward thinking. She is that great melding of the knowledge and the ability to think forward and think of other ways to do things. 
VP Steve Kreta acknowledged Pat Hollister for taking the concept for a community/campus picnic and moving it into reality. There were over 600 meals served during the picnic.
Student vs. faculty and staff Softball today at 5:00pm. 

March 14, 2016
Captain Bolton thanked MIke Kazek for providing a list of STCW requirements for audits. Our Deckies are now qualified as ABs before cruise.
Dean Michele Van Hoeck thanked Mike Holden for his robotics maker day in the library. There was nothing but good reviews of his event.
Provost Sue Opp thanked Mike Sablich and some of his team for putting up new blinds in her office. They came in put up the blinds, cleaned up after themselves and left everything as it was before. 
AVP Graham Benton the Maritime Film Festival started last Tuesday. We had a good turnout, with some elected officials in attendance as well. 
Donna Nincic thanked Susan Bigler for her help with the administrative work on International Experience and other administrative work outside her job description. 

February 22, 2016
Randy Thomas would like to thank cadets, Devin Burcham, John Benton, Francois Powel & Mathew Ferraco of our afterhours A/V support team for their efforts in supporting our celebration of Black History Month
President Cropper thanked Sam Pecota for his work with all the faculty on the multi-school model. It was perfectly executed. He also thanked him for moving the process along collegially. 
VP Kreta thanked Commandant Monti who has tackled some of our Cadet issues in the short time he has been here. Cadets Arron Weissmann, Peter Tong, and Lawrence Northrop, primarily thanks to Cadet Peter Tong who applied under one Commandant, accepted the under a second Commandant, started the position under a third Commandant and will end his tenue as Corps Commander under a fourth Commandant. He has been very resilient and deserves our thanks. 
Captain Bolton thanked Pete Steyn for being an awesome employee. She is being kind, knowledgeable, bright, energetic and came out on Sunday and spent all day working on the TSGB.
Marv Christopher thanked Lavella Wilson, Pat Hollister, Marv's wife Robyn, Jeff Ward (trainer), and Tony Jones. Tony had 12 women athletes with 50 parents recruiting for next year. James Dalske and Eric Cooper for being the band during the basketball games. 
Marc McGee thanked the Unity Council and two people in particular. Sharon Culpepper and Demitra Miller for putting on a great program for Black History month.
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Aubrey Trujillo for making all the changes to the new website and conferences. JoEllen Myslik for working on the weekends, taking students to different community engagements and bringing them back safely.
President Cropper thanked Jessica Sotuyo, JoEllen Myslik, and Vineeta Dhillon for helping him at Old Path Miracle Cathedral during super Sunday on 2/21/2016. 

February 8, 2016
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Mike Noonan, Scott Green, and Tuuli Messer who have been putting together the drill for Saturday. It will be a training drill – vessel in distress in the Carquinez strait using the TSGB. 
James Dalske thanked Captain Bill Schmid who came in on a Saturday and spent eight hours teaching our Cadets about tankers. It's a new requirement for commercial cruise. He put 75 students through the course for this coming summer. 
Vice President Bob Arp remarked that we have a growing attendance at basketball games.
Commandant Monti thanked Coach Rooney for being a good Men's Basketball Coach.
VP Steve Kreta thanked Diana, who is the custodian for this building. She goes out of her way to make everything look nice. 
Bobby King mentioned again that the CSU Central and Northern Public Affairs representatives were on campus last week. They were all very impressed with our campus and our students. 
Donna Nincic thanked Cadet Blaine Meserve-Nibley for doing the set-up for cyber security presentation. And thanked Diane Meredith for all the preparation for the Global Studies interviews. 
Brig Timpson thanked Sam Galli for all the external conference and events work he has being doing. He has really stepped up and is working very hard in that department. 

December 14, 2015
Captain Bolton acknowledged Brig and the hard work the Chorus did on the Holiday concert. 
VP Kreta stated there was a lot of help during the Finals Feast in the Dining Center last night feeding over 100 Cadets.
Michele Van Hoeck wanted to recognize Cadet Eric Sprecher and Cadet Marco Almendras for taking the initiative in asking the library staff to add late hours during the last week of classes, due to student demand. They volunteered to work additional hours in order to make the quick change in policy. 
Kate Kimble thanked Malinda Balfour for taking over Residential Life and Housing while she was on her honeymoon.
Elaine Kociolek thanked the SEAS tutoring staff and some Cadets for tutoring their fellow Cadets while also studying for their own finals. Special thanks to Cadet Elliot Ballard and Cadet Alex Broom who are also studying for their Coast Guard exams. 
VP Kreta thanked Chartwells for keeping their hours in the dining center open later for those students who didn't have a place to go and eat late at night during finals week. 
The President thanked everyone in the room for all the effort and work we are doing on the strategic planning. 

 November 30, 2015
VP Kreta thanked VP Lozano for bringing a turkey and Malinda Balfour for organizing the Thanksgivings meal for the cadets that stayed on campus over the Thanksgiving weekend. 
Donna Nincic thanked Shari Smiljanic-Villa for helping to move the schedule around and going above and beyond.
President Cropper introduced Ingrid Williams as our new Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Administrative Services.

November 23, 2015
Lisa Raquel thanked Edwin Pulanco for helping her get the rocking chairs ready and delivered to the retirement parties in October. And she thanked Diane Rawicz for giving me the heads up about the retirements. 
Marc McGee thanked Marv Christopher and his team for helping with getting the tables set up for his event. 
Donna Nincic thanked Vineeta Dhillon for being able to set up makeup tests for Cadets on short notices.
James Dalske thanked Roger Scranton for the DHR, Josie Alexander for moving a lot of the student activities online for the Cadets, VP Bob Arp and his team for the Puget Sound Alumni dinner, and Marc McGee for a lot of the early decisions from Seattle this year.
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Susan Foft for getting information on different accounts, expenses, and funding for SEAS.
Chief Richard stated that they had their Oath of Office for their new Officers and CMERT team (students). 
Mike Sablich commented that they made a couple of new parking spaces for the Police Services by moving Dean Dalske' s trailer. 
Provost Sue Opp thanked VP Lozano and his team for packaging the Academic Affairs budget pieces for her department. 
Palin Berkana-Wycoff thanked Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Housing staff for looking after the students during this stressful time. 

October 26, 2015
Donna Nincic thanked Captain Bolton for finding statistics and information for her on the migrants rescued by merchant vessels.
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Amy Parsons and Matt Tener for conducting a special prep session for the Graduate Writing Exam that helped the 30 students who took it. Vineeta also thanked Cadet Garrett and JoEllen for putting on the bunker decorations at Mare Island for Halloween by the cemetery.
Brig Timpson thanked Sam Galli for all of the nuts and bolts work involved in the Strategic Planning visuals. 
Chief Richard thanked Ana Spinola for her work with Police Services over the past four years and wished her well in her new position.
Provost Sue Opp thanked Graham Benton, Dean Pecota, and the faculty for the Fukuoka group from Japan. 
Diane Rawicz thanked Laura Morgan in the dining center for her years of service. She has been our cashier for the last 10 years. Her retirement party will be October 30 in the dining center lobby from 10:00am-11:00am.
Daman Grewal stated that Tom Morgan's retirement will be October 29 from 1:00pm-2:00pm in the Rizza Auditorium lobby.  
Kate Kimble thanked Frank Yip and Nelson Coates for their collaboration on the LLC, they have done amazing work. Dean Pecota for letting her group to experience the Simulator. Brig for the chorus performance tonight. 
President Cropper thanked the faculty responsible for the Pete Bethune speaker event coming up on 11/13. He also thanked the faculty involved in getting the pumpkin trebuchet event on campus.  The President also recognized Harry Diavatis, who was our former Athletics Director is coming back to campus after a 13 year absence. He is coming to our basketball game on 10/30, where we will have our Chorus sing our alma mater for him which he wrote the words. 
President Cropper shared what Loren Blanchard, Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs at the Chancellor's Office said about our campus after his visit earlier this month. He commented that this is the most remarkable place he has ever seen in his 25 years in higher education. 

October 12, 2015
Sam Pecota thanked Captain Bolton for a great day out on the Ship for Day on the Bay.
Mike Sablich thanked Lee Bowen and Josh Glazy for hooking up the new transformer. We are now on new shore power. 
VP Franz Lozano also acknowledged Mike and the electricians for getting the work done on the transformer.
Mike Kazek thanked Mike Sablich and his staff for getting the campus beautified for our homecoming events and the Chancellor's visit. 
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Mike Sablich's staff member, Mike Dutkiewicz for working on the SEAS building air conditioning.
Chief Richard thanked Officer Gordon, Officer Torche, and Officer Fortuno for their work during the Chancellor's visit. 
VP Kreta thanked James Dalske and Kate Kimble for being professional and caring during the student alcohol incidents that we've had over the weekends. 
VP Arp thanked Louis Bones and his staff in the Dining Center for being stretched thin during all the events at Homecoming and Day on the Bay.
Graham Benton acknowledged the representation at Captain Buckley's funeral. 
Captain Bolton thanked President Cropper for sending out the email regarding the El Faro tragedy. 

October 5, 2015
Chief Richard thanked her officers for being present around campus after the Oregon shooting. 
Vineeta Dhillon thanked James, who is good with the students but hard on them when he needs to be. 
And Kate Kimble added that he is not cranky when she calls him at 3:00am in the morning for an emergency.
VP Bob Arp announced that Day on the Bay is coming up and there are 75 people on a waitlist. He is thankful for having it be a sell out event. 
Melissa Cohea and President Cropper will be going to San Francisco on Wednesday to meet and greet with former San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown to receive a donation from the San Francisco Bar Pilot 
Steve Browne thanked Peg Solveson for working long days last week on the STCW submission.
James Dalske thanked Diane Rawicz for the success of the Bistro, stating the students are happy with the new addition. 
Margaret Arroyo thanked the facilities staff for being responsive to request. 
Marv Christopher stated that the crew team won some competitions. The Varsity 8 placed second. Varsity 4 placed first. All of our teams placed (received medals) in all of their races. 
Ingrid Williams talked about the KRON sponsored TV Commercials that are airing for Fleet Week. 

September 28, 2015
Mike Kazek announced that the Pacific Masters swim division just published the top 10 times out of 1100 swimmers in the group for the 2014-2015 year, and three of our current and former students as well as two of our faculty had top ten scores last year. 
VP Bob Arp acknowledged the sailing team and just how great they did in a boat that they hadn't sailed in before, so they should be recognized for how well they did. Bob visited with our Crystal Pointe neighbors in the housing community above us. He was pleased with how much they know about our campus and excited they are about the vision for the future.  
Captain Bolton acknowledged John Finch who was singled out last week for having developed a ship board firefighting guide for MARAD to use and all the other SMA to use. 
Steve Kreta thanked all of the Food Security program folks. VP Kreta also wanted to thank Dean Dalske for spearheading the offsite Leadership Retreat for the Cadets, who was also chairing an event with his family locally. 
Veronica Boe thanked Malinda Balfour & Calee Spinney for putting together the culture activities night for the Kobe students. Special thanks to Cadet Spencer Young who made herself readily available for those visiting students from Kobe University. 
Mike Sablich acknowledged the Cadets he talked with in the Upper Residence Hall. They expressed happiness for the remodel. 

August 31, 2015
Ingrid Williams acknowledged James Dalske and all of his hard work putting together Orientation week. 
James Dalske wanted to thank and acknowledge the follow people:
Kate Kimble – taking over for me for two weeks while I was at school working on my PhD.  Taking over so many details while still doing RHO training.  Complete running of Sex Signals and Playfair.  Activities at night and housing meetings.
Kris Cranford – Her name should be enough just to say it.  She keeps everything together and I could not have done this without her.  She did the check in list last minute when others let it fall and stood at the check-in table all day to make sure everything went smoothly.  She did most of the PO's and really was the glue that helped keep everything together.
Eric Cooper – My body double.  Helping out when needed.  Driving vans, setting up welcome session, helping with Career Services session.
Josie Alexander – making my vision become a reality with the opening session.  This helped make the welcome session a new "corner stone" event.
Louis Bones – I don't know how many events that team can do in one day.  His team is fabulous and continues to surprise me.
Vineeta Dhillon – so many small details.  Helping make the new programs possible.  The new EOP program, the new parent's organization, and helping us get some many things through and here last minute.
Facilities – so many things that people just don't see.  Helping campus look and feel like home.
Cadet Peter Tong – having the Corps Commander working for us this summer was a blessing.  He helped with all of the scheduling and making sure the orientation staff was ready and prepared to go.  Having a student's voice present at all times was priceless.
Kristen Bloom – Helping with thank you gifts, engineering training book, and scheduling of the capping ceremony.
Jennifer Hembree – Helping us get everything onto R25 and making communication possible with all of campus.
Dean Van Hoeck – helping with the faculty schedule
Ian Wallace – conducted By-Stander training
All of the presenters who helped open our student's minds to new things and answered all of their questions – financial aid, career center, health center, public safety, library, SEAS, housing, registrar's office
Paul Jackson thanked all of the Parent Session presenters on Thursday. He talked with several parents who found them to be very informative and important. He also thanked Louie for having the Luau on Thursday for the parents and new Cadets. 
Diane Rawicz thanked everyone involved in the Thursday morning Welcome Session for making the parents feel welcome and better about leaving their child with us for the next two to four years. 
Kate Kimble gave a shout out to Malinda Balfour, Calee Spinney, Ruby Grover and all RHOs and LLCMs who have been working very long days since early August to prepare for Opening and Orientation 
Provost Sue Opp thanked Michele Van Hoeck for not only the new Faculty Orientation but the Common Reading program. Both were a huge success. 
Michele Van Hoeck thanked all Faculty and Staff who volunteered to hold a Common Reading session with the Freshmen students. She also thanked her staff for showing up for a sixth day of work on Saturday.
Jim Burns thanked Michele for the Faculty Development courses, as there were more this year than in the past. And to Provost Opp and Graham Benton for their communication about the courses and the ease of signing up for the different courses. 

August 24, 2015
Marc McGee thanked Roger Scranton for all his help on the Golden Bear during registration. 
Mike Kazek thanked Gwynn Curry and Nick Anderson for the rail work they did on the Student Services Building. (Over the summer these two Cadets decorated our rails with some rope work)
Kate Kimble thanked Pete Steyn and Daman Grewal. Not all of our ports were activated in URH when we were moved last week and Pete came to campus on Saturday to help us out during her time off and Daman for his organization of everything for our move. Isidro Farias and Vince from Otto Construction. The Construction is late; however they are doing their best to have it as close to ready for tomorrow as possible and hopefully finishing in the next two weeks. Thanks for their diligence. Malinda Balfour, a perfectly planned and executed HRL Student Staff Training even with moving hiccups. Lorrie Dineen-Thackery and Travis Fong again for all of their amazing, hard and expedited work for HRL and Orientation. And, we welcome everyone to come up around 12:30 today to check out our new space! 
VP Steve Kreta thanked everyone for their work in preparing the Orientation schedule. Those who are participating in orientation, Student Affairs will give them a meal voucher for their help.
Bobby King for Roger Scranton and Chelsea McClain who helped connect a Cal Maritime student from Long Beach with a Long Beach-area reporter. And Tomas Pierson Perez for making time to speak during the reporter during Cruise
Donna Nincic thanked Pat Harper, some folks in HR, Facilities, and IT for helping to facilitate the fastest faculty orientation. Offices moved, keys made, etc. 
Chief Roseann Richard – Office Cragen Retherford, Officer Mike Fortuno, and Officer Chuck Ford for their help in the RHO training this week. She also thanked Officer Ruben Vazquez for his arrest that he had on campus and Officer Destiney Knudson for her arrest on Country lane. They do a lot behind the scenes to ensure our campus remains a safe place in Vallejo. 
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Andrew Bowling for getting the computers in the lab up and running.
Julie Chisholm thanked everyone for their support while she was in Vietnam, especially Vineeta with Risk Management help, Graham Benton for help transitioning into C&C Department Chair, and Susan Bigler for giving emotional support. 
Beth Ayers thanked Christine and Eddie Martinez got married here this weekend. She wanted everyone to know how appreciative she was for making their special day a huge success. 

August 17, 2015
Captain Bolton thanked Vineeta for her help with the change of terminal in Long Beach for the TSGB. His son Brody grew some tomatoes. The Captain also wanted to thank folks for the new safety rail along the dock. 
Donna Nincic thanked the cleaning staff (Diana) for their extra help with all the moves in the FOB (Faculty office building) this summer. 
Margaret Arroyo thanked facilities for the A/C in her office. 
Vineeta also thanked facilities for A/C in her building; it has been several years since it worked. She also thanked John Daily who has been working with Facilities this summer as a student worker. This year he will be a senior student. 
Vice President Bob Arp thanked Ingrid Williams who took over Administration and Finance Division while VP Lozano was out. He went on to thank Pete Steyn & Alex Storton for helping with the move to the Foundation house out of the Administration building. 
Vice President Franz Lozano also thanked Ingrid Williams for all her hard work during his absence. He thanked Isidro Farias, Mike Sablich, and Diane Rawicz for all the hard work they have done this summer with the moves and remodels. 
Veronica Boe thanked all the individuals in Payroll, Human Resources, and Accounting for all the work with their FEMA closeout.
Brig Timpson thanked Beth in Conference and Events for the work on bringing outside folks onto campus this summer and thanked Kate Kimble and her staff for being there when Beth was out.
Kate Kimble thanked Malinda Balfour for conducting the RHO trainings and putting in 20 hour work days to get the job done.
The President congratulated Graham Benton for taking on the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs role. He also thanked Captain Sam Pecota for accepting the Interim Academic Dean position, and Julie Chisholm for becoming the Culture and Communication Chair & Academic Senate Chair, and Steve Browne for becoming the Chair of the Marine Transportation department.
SEAS announced they hired a new Disability Coordinator, Sioban Case.
The President also thanked his Cabinet for their work on the budget going back into last Fall. He also wanted to acknowledge their work on getting the campus moving toward our strategic planning. Over the last 3 years, 55% of our staff have received IRPs and 90% are management initiated. We also established a faculty equity program and we have put over $300,000 into faculty equity this past year. Thanked Ingrid Williams, Brig Timpson and Tuuli Messer for rolling out the Ombuds program on campus. 

August 10, 2015
Kate Kimble is happy to have the students back on campus.
Jim Burns wanted to acknowledge Frank Yip who received a NSF award. This is the first one for Cal Maritime. Jim wanted to congratulate him publically. Provost Opp added that it is an RUI grant. RUI is Research in Undergraduate Institutions. Jim also thanked Sylvia Kip for payroll issues and Susan Foft for grants and contracts, as well as, accounting help. 
Evan Chang-Siu thanked former Vice President of University Advancement Beverly Byl for getting some money from Northrop Grumman which he used by getting some equipment for his students could finished their projects. He should those pictures to Northrop Grumman and they are interested in giving us more funding. 

August 3, 2015
The CMAM (California Maritime Academy Masters) competed in the 50 meter long course in the Pac Masters. Our team competed and took second place. 

July 27, 2015
Kate Kimble thanked Aubrey Trujillo for updating the calendar page on the website. The Parents and Students Orientation week schedules are now separated out and look great. 

June 22, 2015
Provost Opp gave thanks to Nael Aly as this is his last week on campus. 
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Margo Arroyo for creating a tutor tracking system.
Paul Jackson talked about his attendance at a ABET Conference and met a woman who was a part of the ABET team who came to Cal Maritime to give us are evaluation and she is still talking about how great a University we are. 
Kate Kimble thanked Evelyn Andrews who has been calling students to see if they are indeed coming back or not.
Graham Benton talked about an incoming student who is a Mechanical Engineering student coming in with the name Edgar Allan Poe. 

June 8, 2015
Kate Kimble gave kudos to her summer interns who help for the move to student services within two days. She also thanked "Otto Pete" for letting her hit a wall during the demo of the office in upper Residence Hall. 
Jim Burns thanked Sylvia Kipp for getting payroll and budgeting up for SPEL.
Beverly Byl thanked everyone who attended her retirement event.
James Dalske thanked Isidro Farias and Mike Sablich in Facilities for all their work on the projects going on around campus. He also thanked Peter Tong for being assessable during the summer as our Corps Commander and discussing changes before the school year. 
Chief Richard thanked Officer Retherford and Fortuno for the arrest that happened on campus last week.
Isidro Farias thanked IT for the coordination with facilities planning and for being able to get projects up and running. 

June 1, 2015
Provost Sue Opp announced that Mike Strange has been elected Vice Chair of the Engineering Technology Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. He will be in charge of organizing the Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration (CIEC), as he notes, for the next 2 years.
President Cropper congratulated our Wind Energy team. Our Cadets we beat Penn State. 
Vice President Kreta thanked that our Administration and Finance team along with our Student Affairs team for coordinating the removal of the modular building by Rizza.
Paul Jackson reported there were less conduct issues at our second port of call at Barcelona, Spain on our first cruise.
Bobby King reported that the Cadets on Cruise 1 got some on the job training when then intercepted a boat full of Algerian refugees headed for Spain ran out of gas in the Mediterranean
Ingrid announced that it is time to nominate your colleagues for our recognition awards.  
The President announced that all of our faculty members who were up for promotion were successful and effective today, June 1st and their pay is effective July 1st. 

May 18, 2015
Franz Lozano represented Cal Maritime at the Society of Port Engineers for the Port of Los Angeles Golf event.
The President talked about the Governor's May budget revision. The Governor has added $38 million to the base budget, added $25 million in innovation grants and another $25 million towards infrastructure. 
Isidro talked about how everyone has moved into the new Student Services building and the back half of the old mess deck where the kitchen used to be is being cleared out for future use. 
Daman Grewal talked about using Dropbox as a document storage option. It is an online document storage that can be used in lieu of our server. 

May 11, 2015
Evelyn Andrews is giving the jar to Daman Grewal for starting the conversation about document imaging and is continuing it. She also would like to recognize Bobby & Aubrey for taking the lead on the Veterans revision of their website and for making a new brochure for Cal Maritime Day. She would also like to thank Royster Martin, Ken Sayles, and Edwin Pulanco for moving the registrar's office into the new Student Services building. She also thanked her team Cynthia & Shari for keeping the office running during the entire move.
Donna Nincic thanked Tony Lewis and Graham Benton for taking care of the sick Cadets during International Experience trips.  
Marc McGee thanked Royster Martin for taking up the slack while Randy Thomas has been off on medical leave.
Chief Richard thanked Marc McGee for stepping forward and getting the parking waiver online program. 
Kate Kimble thanked Ruby Grover for transitioning into our Residential Life Coordinator while working on finals and looking for maritime career.
Marv Christopher thanked Tina Rossi for getting the aquatics summer program up and running. 

May 4, 2015
Bobby King said that the Cal Maritime Magazines have been handed out more and distributed more this year so we will need to purchase more magazines.
VP Steve Kreta thanked James Dalske for his leadership during commencement. 
Jim Burns surveyed the graduates of their Master's program and 80% recommended the program to someone else and the remainder so they will recommend the program to others.  
VP Franz Lozano thanked all the departments that played a role during commencement. He also thanked Daman Grewal for all the email/server outages announcements he has been sending to the campus.
Suzanne Bailey thanked all of our staff persons involved in the preparation of Commencement activities. 

April 20, 2015

Jim Burns acknowledged VP Lozano for the clarity of the budget and now the facilities projects list. Thankful for his ability to create graphics that give us an overview and bring us into a collective thinking of things. 

Provost Gary Reichard acknowledged a few faculty, Mike Holden, Alex Parker, Frank Yip, Cynthia Trevisan, and others for going to conferences – especially in the system – since it is a major time commitment and applaud them for taking the time to go and come back with information for their colleagues and programs. 
VP Steve Kreta acknowledged the students, faculty, and staff (who are on the VPUA search committee) for spending all weekend at the Oakland Hilton for the Vice President University Advancement position interviews. Also thanked Gary Reichard for being a great colleague and bringing his experiences to our campus. 
Captain Harry Bolton thanked John Finch for having everything together for our ISM and ABS audits. 
Ingrid Williams thanked Kris Edwards for helping her over the weekend. 
Bobby King thanked the President and for his message to the group at the Vallejo College Town event. It was a good message about our partnership with the City and how they can be a partner with us.
Provost Gary Reichard wanted to thank the Maritime Industry Advisory Board for being committed and fully engaged. He hopes they are better utilized in the future. 
The President thanked Gary Reichard for coming on board as our Provost and working hard the whole time while here at Cal Maritime. 

March 23, 2015

Marc McGee said that the MVP of his event last Thursday (WACAC Conference) was Officer Steve Daggs who helped with Parking.
Mike Sablich baby daughter, Audrey was born last week. 
VP Byl gave kudos to Kathy Baird for filling in for Advancement Services and the Administrative Support person vacancies. 
Vineeta shared that her department received a thank you letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs for their Valentine's Day project.
Donna Nincic thanked Jessica McGinley for doing a phenomenal job in the Provost and VP of Student Services area. Provost Reichard echoed those comments. 
Chief Richards wanted to thank her Officers and staff for the large event on Thursday
Vineeta Dhillon thanked Cadet Tong and Cadet Bikelmeyer for stepping in to Chaperone one of the buses during Changeover.

March 16, 2015

The President wanted our Sailing Team recognized for winning the Harbor Cup again this weekend.

Mike Holden was able to sail with the team the week before and said they were a really amazing group of sailors. 
VP Steve Kreta wanted to recognize Mike Kazek and Peg Solveson for the tremendous background work they have to do for that audit. 
The President suggested we all stop by and thank Peg for all she has done and pat her on the back for working so hard. She is often here on Saturday mornings as well. 
Mike Holden wanted to thank Susan Bigler for all her assistance putting the Rizza speaker together. Also, Colin Dewey and Julie Chisholm for working on the Academic side of that event.
Graham Benton recognized Amy Parsons for her intellectual play at the end of the lecture
Jim Burns has appreciated the work Bobby King has been doing on the MSSC Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening.  


March 9, 2015

Ken Toet wanted to thank Evelyn Andrews and Marc McGee's groups
Marv Christopher wanted to thank Lavella Wilson for helping to book travel, and other administrative tasks that the Athletic department never had before. 
Evelyn Andrews wanted to thank Shari Smiljanic-Villa for the internal deadlines she has been helping the Registrar's department with. 
Palin Berkana-Wycoff thanked the 13 cadets that went to Sacramento last week. 
Commandant Jay Allen thanked facilities and especially Dave Chaney for the work they are doing on the Veteran's Success center.
Kate Kimble thanked Malinda Balfour and John Buchanan regarding some of the recent thefts in housing and how they responded. 
Captain Bolton also thanked the facilities folks for updating the old weight room into a Veteran's center. 



February 23, 2015

Mike Kazek congratulated Tom Oppenheim who did a personal best in the mile freestyle.
Provost Gary Reichard wanted to add words of commendation to all those who put the Talent show together. He thought it was a remarkable high spirited evening and a good example of how student life and staff/faculty life can be enriched by special activities. 
Kate Kimble wanted to thank Housing & Residential Life professional staff, para-professional staff and all the applicants who spent four hours on a Sunday morning for our group process in.  
Evelyn Andrews wanted to thank Fran Gutierrez and human resources for launching the healthy Wednesdays. 
Commandant Jay Allen thanks our athletic teams for their achievements recently. Our women's water polo did very well this weekend against UC Davis. Our Rugby team did well, too. 
Gary Moser wanted to take this time to acknowledge a colleague. Today he is going to pass on the ceremonial candy jar to someone who embodies the spirit of hard work and the interested of the students. She also doesn't draw a lot of attention to herself, Evelyn Andrews.


Donna Nincic stated that the Global Studies and Maritime Affairs program had their first student accepted into the Naval Postgraduate School. Congratulations to Dylan McCulley

February 16, 2015

Dean James Dalske thanked our campus police for their swift action for the robbery that occurred on campus last Friday.
Commandant Jay Allen read a portion of a letter from Madame Odette M. LePendu, whose son is a graduate, thanking our color guard every year for their involvement during Armistice Day. 
Graham Benton wanted to acknowledge the Culture and Communication department for their work done on the Lecture series event. 
The President thanked our women's basketball for their winning season (first time in program history). They now qualify for Calpac conference Championship playoffs. 

February 2, 2015

VP Steve Kreta thanked James Dalske, Eric Cooper, Alex Jones, and Tess Luna for their work on the Career Fair and then Chelsea McClain and others from Advancement for their hard work for the Industry Appreciation dinner. They did tremendous job, thank you.
Ken Toet wanted to acknowledge Jim Burns and his work with graduate work in SPEL.
Jim Burns was impressed with the brochure for the Career Fair. Thought it looked very professional.
VP Franz Lozano wanted to acknowledge Sarah and Ken for working through the annual budget planning. And everyone around the table for sitting through the process. 

January 12, 2015

Palin Berkana-Wycoff wanted to thank Mike Kazek for being the Master of Ceremonies for the Bell Ringing ceremony, Aubrey Trujillo for taking all the photos of the event, Rich Mueller for delivering the bell, and Peg Solveson for all the Administrative Support. Palin also wanted to recognize Hope Gorman, Rebecca Jacobs, and their BUS 405 Leadership Project teams for their volunteer services on Christmas Day. They and their teams supported the USO's Home Away From Home event at Travis AFB. They raised a great deal of money with the support of our Advancement Office. Items such as Tablets, TVs, DVDs, Blu-Ray players, and fitness watches were given out to over 150 participants. The teams procured, assembled, and then handed out 25 gift baskets, as well.
Captain Harry Bolton thanked Evelyn Andrews for all her work on coordinating the Cadet Cruise assignments, as well as, Susan Reynolds.

January 5, 2015

Captain Harry Bolton wanted to thank John Coyle for his efforts during the power outage over the break. 
V.P. Franz Lozano wanted to thank Mike Sablich, Mike Dutkiewicz, John Sisneros, Cadet Mike Daily, Cadet John Daily, and Lee Bowen for ensuring that our campus was going to be all right. Thanked Jason Wenrick for putting something out through our portal so the campus community would know about the power outage. 
Provost Gary Reichard wanted to acknowledge the work of the Provost Search committee. Especially for working at the end of year which is a hard time for anyone. 
V.P. Steve Kreta wanted to thank Peg Solveson and Mike Kazek for getting chairs ready for the US Coast Guard exams that started on 1/5/15. 
President Cropper thanked Isidro Farias for all the work he has done. The Student Services building is coming along very nicely. 

December 15, 2014

V.P. Franz Lozano acknowledged the Facilities and IT staff who worked during the storm last week. They were here and did some great things to prevent some things from happening. Kudos to them.
Dean Deborrah Hebert acknowledged the Residential Life, Dining Center, Health Center staff who came to campus to be available and assist during the storm. Last night the chairs were not set up for the test this morning, Kate went and got a few cadets from the finals feast to help set up the chairs. During the final feast, Mick Walker cooked all the eggs, JoEllen was serving, Kate was passing out doughnuts.
V.P. Steve Kreta wanted to thank Dean Deborrah Hebert for all her work during the last five years. On Wednesday, there will be a small reception for both the Erin Brogan and Deborrah Hebert in the Rizza at 3:00pm.

December 8, 2014

Palin Berkana-Wycoff thanked the President for the Veteran's dinner on November 10th.
Provost Gary Reichard wanted to recognize Erin Brogan for how well he worked with Faculty, and how he tried to resolve issues.   
V.P. Steve Kreta thanked Erin Brogan for his dedication and contribution to the Corps of Cadets. 
Commandant Erin Brogan thanked Will Davidson for being an energizer bunny that doesn't stop. Cadet Davidson has been the go to person for the Commandant's Office for some of the procedural changes that they have been making. He is a great asset to the Corps. 
Chief Roseann Richard would like to thank the Police Department night staff who helped during the rains by raking the drains and provided assistance that was well beyond their duties. 
Captain Harry Bolton was very impressed with the transformation of the Dining Center during the Holiday Party and wanted to thank whoever was responsible. VP Byl stated it was Chelsea McClain and team. 

December 1, 2014

Gary Reichard gave kudos to Franz Lozano for getting reports out to everyone. 
Franz Lozano gave kudos to Lee Bowen, John Sisneros, and Ken Sayles who by-passed the transformer we had to keep the TSGB up and running. The bad news is that we only have one transformer. CSS Hernandez who cleared out all the drains so the Administration Building didn't get flooded. 

November 24, 2014

Bob Brown gave Preview Day praise. A friend praised the simulators and good they are. 
Capt. Bolton said they took the ship out last Saturday for Ballast water testing. Had a great trip. 
Mike Kazek would like to thank Lt. Chad Mickelson for putting on very nice SSO Pinning ceremony last Friday evening.
Mike Sablich wants to thanks Bob Brown and team. He is looking forward to working with Franz and the team.
Steve Kreta wanted to say that there is one or more senior dinners and thanked Beth & Chelsea for their work. 
Kate Kimble – thanks Ian Wallace for his work with student issues. He has been phenomenal when working with our students in crisis.
Vivienne McClendon wants to recognize Palin for his work with our student veterans. 

November 17 2014

President Cropper thanks Admissions Department for the success of Preview Day.
Provost Gary Reichard bragged on Brad Foster and Mitch Kobayashi who were part of the team at the conference this week. A colleague praised Mitch throughout the conference. He said that ourcadets could be helpful as leaders at all campuses and give a presentation on the ELDP. The CSU is always talking about training tomorrow's leaders. 
Jim Burns would like to thank HR. It was very cumbersome to work with HR before but thanks Ingrid and her entire team for their hard work. Last week was in Long Beach and having lunch with Chris Mallon, she was very impressed with what is going on with Cal Maritime. She talked about the commitment to providing quality education. She wants to bring all the graduate deans to Cal Maritime. 

November 3, 2014

Gary Reichard – thought the cadets were amazing. They looked sharp and were really mixing well with the other guests. 

Kurt Lohide – thought Beverly and University Advancement did a very nice job. It was a class act. 
Steve Kreta – men's basketball scored over 100 points at our first game in our new facility. 
Jim Burns – was impressed that Capt. Bolton bought a table at the Gala. 
The President thanked Cal Maritime Alum Kim Estes who emceed the Gala.

October 27, 2014

Deborah Hebert – thanks Mitch Kobayashi for all his work in ASCMA. He accepted a job at Shell. Working on a MBA.

Commandant Brogan – A cadet laid down his motor cycle while turning onto Maritime Academy Drive from I-80.  He walked his motor bike to the last half mile to campus. He had some signification "road rash" on his knee, ankle and hand when he was brought to me in the quad just after formation. The below folks helped out:
- Scott Powell – intercepted cadet in parking lot and escorted the cadet to me in quad.
- Diane (Don't know last name, but works in Facilities as a custodian)-  retrieved first aid supplies and then went to track down a golf cart from Dining Center to transport cadet to Student Health Center.
- Denise (Don't know last name, but works in Dining Center)- came over in cart and transported cadet to Student Health Center.
- 1/C Nick Mehrbrodt – helped with first aid
Evelyn Andrews - thanked Peg Solveson for all her work in the Registrar's office and would like to thank Cynthia Fields for athletic eligibility.
Kate Kimble – thank you to John Buchanan and Malinda Balfour for all their hard work in Residential Life and Housing. 

October 20, 2014

Lisa Raquel solicited the group for student names to submit to the Chancellor's Goodwill campaign.

Bobby King – thanks Cadet Alexander Broom who took some outstanding photos for Day on the Bay.
Steve Browne -  announced that Bill Schmid got married on Saturday.

October 13, 2014

Bob Brown – Cragen Retherford was the first one to respond to a cadet problem on Friday night and handled it very professionally.
Bobby King – thanks the Commandant and two students, Elliott Ballard and Madeleine Wolczko. It is very hard to get students to volunteer and they stepped up to the plate and were on call all weekend. 
Provost/VP Gary Reichard – thanks Erin Brogan for his leadership with the Cadets. The attitude and demeanor of the Cadets throughout Homecoming was very impressive. 
Vivienne McClendon – thanks Elaine Kociolek  who has worked hard on the LSM program and with Gary Reichard & Nael Aly for helping to coordinate the efforts. 
VP Beverly Byl – echoing President's kudos to the homecoming committee and University Advancement folks for their prep for the past weekend.
Kate Kimble - would like to recognize Chelsea McClain for all of her hard work. She was always there and on point whenever she had a question – even while running after her own children. Commandant Brogan interjected – and always has a great attitude.
Evelyn Andrews – recognize Cynthia Fields on her staff for figuring things out and also thanks to Peg for stepping in and helping out in the Registrar's office.
Captain Harry Bolton – Senator John Tunney was on the ship for Day on the Bay. 
Palin Wycoff – gives thanks to Kate Kimble - Last year they had a Spirit Day which was nominally successfully with just a few students showing up in school colors but this year we had a great spirit week with even more students displaying spirit on Friday. It is a testament to Kate for getting the word out about it. 

October 6, 2014

Jim Burns - would like to thank Ken Toet for his leadership on campus and his transparency with budgets. Thanks Brig and the improvements that are taking place.
VP Steve Kreta – last Monday was the VMU visit to campus. We found out late that afternoon they did not have a ride back to their hotel in San Francisco. Thanks goes out to James Dalske who had a 12-person van and volunteered to take them back to their hotel. And a second thanks goes out to Marv Christopher, Tina Rossi, the rest of the group who helped to in the water polo tournament this weekend. There were teams from Stanford, Berkeley, St. Mary's, etc. VP Kreta was out talking to coaches and they could not say enough good remarks about our new facility. 

Harry Bolton – thanks MT Bob Brown. He volunteered, for the fifth year in a row, to take the JROTC high schoolers from Sacramento to Day on the Bay. 

Deborah Herbert – thanks Ken Sayles for doing a lot of little extra things. He was in her office and volunteered to put chair together even though he was in there for something else. 






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