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Student Health Services

Student Health Services include:

FLU SHOTS ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL CAL MARITIME STUDENTS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!! Please drop by or schedule an appointment for your flu vaccine today!! For more information or to find Flu clinics in the area please click HERE.

Medical Care: Confidential, high quality, outpatient medical visits for acute & sub-acute illness & injury, basic mental health concerns, women's health & contraception, sports & travel medicine, immunizations, preventative health & more. After hours care, specialist care & comprehensive care for complex chronic conditions are beyond the scope of Student Health Services (SHS). Interim & transitional care including coordination with off-campus providers and/or referral is provided when chronic or specialty care, complex diagnostic testing, hospitalization, or other services beyond the scope or hours of operation of the SHS are indicated. Additionally, all students have free access to our monthly online health magazine CMA Student Health 101.

Dermatology Clinic: Monthly skin clinic held by our dermatologist in the SHS. Skin issues treated are acne, warts, unusual skin rashes, etc. All dermatology services performed within the SHS are at no charge, however, if a biopsy is recommended on a skin lesion or particular problem your insurance will be billed for the pathology services and there may be a cost to you as well based on the coverage of your insurance policy. Clinic held usually the third Thursday of every month by appointment only from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Lab & X-ray: Free basic diagnostic lab tests & basic plain X-ray studies for conditions that are being treated at the SHS. More complex lab tests may be billed to students private insurance.

Pharmacy: The SHS pharmacy stocks only the most common medications prescribed by SHS providers. Prescriptions from off-campus providers should be filled elsewhere.

Condoms: Safe sex is always encouraged and free condoms are available in the SHS. Remeber No Glove, No Love!

Dental Resources-For those students without dental insurance.

Off Campus STI/STD/HIV Testing 

For After Hours Care:

  • After Hours: Call 911 for emergencies. For other after-hours medical needs, contact your personal off-campus physician, health insurance advice line, an urgent care clinic, or an emergency room. See the SHS After Hours Care information below for some local sources of after-hours care.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Community Mental Health Resources

Random Drug Testing

Blood Drives

  • Two to three times annually, 10 Merits offered to CMA students who donate!
  • Like us on Facebook to see Blood Drive updates
  • Blood Types


Important Information For Students & Families
Alcohol and other drugs are not the path to college success. See why:
Useful Weblink
For students:
For parents & family:
For all: Drugs
·Bring the following essential items and information to college with you:
·Prescribed medications that you take regularly
·Knowledge of your significant past medical history
·Knowledge of significant past medical history of close blood relatives
·Name, address, and phone number of personal physician and medical specialists
·Health insurance status: company name, phone # and coverage (plus a current insurance card) Insurance is not required to use the Student Health Services but is recommended for care beyond the SHS's scope or hours.
·Chronic Care: Students with significant chronic medical conditions should remain under the care of their off-campus treating physician &/or specialist for the ongoing management of these conditions. The Student Health Services (SHS) can work with the off-campus physician on an interim basis as needed, but primary responsibility for management of complex chronic conditions is beyond the SHS scope of p.
·Confidentiality & Privacy Student Health Services medical information is held as confidential in accordance with state and federal law. Medical information is not released to parents or others without the consent of the student.

Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Health

The Trevor Project-Leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth and adults.

CDC LGBT health pages

National Institutes of Health http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/gaylesbianandtransgenderhealth.html GLBT research-based health information & articles plus numerous links to other organizations and information sources

International Travel

-On Call International (CMA Travel Assistance Policy)

-Centers for Disease Control Travel Health Information

-International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers - Information on getting ready for travel and how to find healthcare around the world

-World Health Organization International Travel & Health Page   

Patient rights & Responsibilities