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International Experience- Safe and Healthy Travels

If you have any significant chronic medical problems such as diabetes or a seizure disorder, please make an appointment with one of our medical providers  before planning international travel.

For country specific information please review the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations

This year, there are no "required" vaccines for any of the International Experiences. Hepatitis A vaccine and an up-to-date Tetanus vaccine are advised for all travelers.  The Student Health Center also recommends a Typhoid Vaccine for most international travel. If you do not know your vaccination status, please email the Student Health Center at healthcenter@csum.edu and we will review your records on file.

If you do need a Tetanus booster, you may get this free in the Student Health Center. If you need Hepatitis A and/or Typhoid you have several options:

1)      Your own medical provider - they may be able to bill your insurance

2)      Kaiser Permanente - if you have Kaiser medical coverage

3)      Some pharmacies may accept your insurance. Check with your insurance company or a local pharmacy.

Please review this information from the CDC on avoiding bug bites.

Jet lag may be a problem with those crossing several time zones. For those traveling on The Training Ship Golden Bear, there are medical officers on board 24/7 for urgent and emergent injuries and illnesses. If you are on any regular medications it is imperative you remember to bring those as Sick Bay will not have them in stock. We will stock meclizine for those that need help getting their "sea legs" and you may also review these tips on Gcaptain.

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Last updated: 7/16/20