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For Parents

As a parent, it can be painful to know that your child is experiencing difficulty, especially if you are hundreds or thousands of miles away.  However, parents can and do provide incredible support, whether from a distance or nearby, and can play a key role in helping connect their son or daughter with the services they need.

When students experience problems, they are most likely to reach out to their friends and family first. Research shows they are three times more likely to talk to a parent than to seek help from a college counseling center or other professional resource. Parents may also be the first to notice changes in a student, as you are intimately familiar with your son or daughter's mood, behavior and, history.


Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health (access the report here): "The guide is intended to help families have important conversations about mental health before students leave for college. It explains the laws and rules around privacy and parental notification, and encourages discussion about how students can keep their parents informed." - The Jed Foundation

What Parents of College Students of Color Need to Know

Steve Fund parents guide

5 Ways to Support Your Child's Emotional Health

What You Can Do

Review the information provided on this site, including resources below, the FAQs page for Parents, and the RED FOLDER page, which is as relevant to parents as to the rest of the Cal Maritime community.  If you become concerned about your son or daughter's wellbeing, the first step is to have an honest conversation with them, express your concerns, and listen to what they have to say.  By familiarizing yourself with the resources most appropriate with their situation, you can discuss them with your student and encourage them to connect to campus support services.  If you are still concerned that your student may be at risk and want to alert us to what is happening, you may call Student Health Services at (707) 654-1170.  While there are legal limits to what information we are able to disclose, we take your concerns seriously and want to partner with you in support of your son or daughter.

As parents, you must navigate the difficult balance of supporting, protecting, and advocating for your student's wellbeing, while empowering them to establish their independence by making their own decisions and developing the skills they need to care for themselves.  Please know that Cal Maritime is committed to helping students flourish personally as well as academically.

After Hours Assistance Line

Resources for Parents

College Parents MatterThis website is designed to equip you, parents, with some tools and resources that will help you engage in effective communication with your college-attending child, including about alcohol.

Fall Semester- A time For Parents to Revisit Discussions About College Drinking

Protecting Your Child's Mental Health: What Can Parents Do?

What Parents Need to Know About College Drinking

Center for Parent Information and Resources


Letting Go: A parents' Guide to Today's College Experience (5th  ed.), by Coburn & Treeger (2009)

I'll Miss You Too: An Off-to-College Guide for Parents and Students, by Bane & Bane (2006)

You're On Your Own (But I'm Here If You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During the College Years, by Savage (2009)

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College, by Cohen (2011) 

Lecture Notes: A Professor's Inside Guide to College Success, by Freeman (2010)

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