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Frequently Asked Questions (For Parents)

Where are mental health services provided?

Counseling is primarily provided in the CAPS office in Student Health Services, which is located in the Student Center. Our main entrance is on the side of the building facing the Residence Halls. 

How do you make an appointment for mental health care?

Students can make appointments by coming to the Student Health Center or calling us at (707) 654-1170.

Are drop-in services available?

Yes, the daily walk-in hour is 2-3pm. No appointment is needed for visits during this time.  

What happens if my son/daughter experiences a crisis or emergency? Do you have counselors on call?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. If there is a crisis after hours, the student can call the after hours assistance line by calling Student Health services (707-654-1170) and pressing extension 1. They may also go to one of the two local emergency rooms (Sutter Solano or Vallejo Kaiser), or call 911. If a student is in crisis and lives on campus they can utilize the Resident Assistants, Resident Directors, or campus security available 24/7 (911). The Counselor typically receives information regarding crises after hours and students are strongly recommended to meet with the Counselor following a crisis

What kind of services do you offer?

Counseling Services offers time-limited individual, group and couples counseling free to all students at Cal Maritime. We work with students who wish to improve their mood and function, and offer assistance with transitioning to college, managing stress, having difficulties with relationships, mental health issues, or students who just need a space to work through challenges.

Are there any fees for for mental health services and supports?

There are no additional costs for mental health services delivered by the mental health providers in Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The student health fee all students pay covers the services provided. In some situations and for different reasons, students are referred for mental health care in the community, possibly through their health insurance, which may have associated costs.

Are there limits on the type or amount of services available and if so, will Cal maritime link students with care in the community?

CAPS provides a brief counseling model where students have up to 10 counseling sessions every academic year. Exceptions are made to this limit and walk-in or crisis appointments do not count toward this limit. This model is based on evidence that most gains or imporvement in counseling occurs in the first 3-8 sessions. It is also implemented so that all students have equitable access and that a waitlist is avoided (although at busy times during the semester a waitlist may be necessary).  

What does my son/daughter have to do in order to obtain services?

All a student has to do is walk in to Student Health Services or call (707-654-1170). Students are discouraged from emailing for confidentiality reasons. For urgent Walk-In visits (no appointment needed) the Counselor is available daily from 2-3pm.

What if I think my son/daughter needs counseling? What can I do?

You can encourage your son/daughter to contact us or walk in to set up an appointment.

Can I set up an appointment for my son/daughter?

No. Obtaining counseling services is an individual decision (except for emergencies). If you feel like your son/daughter may benefit from counseling, talk to them. Explain your thoughts and feelings. Remember, they are beginning to make their own decisions and deciding to go to counseling is an opportunity for growth and development.

Are services confidential?

Counseling services are confidential. This means that NO information about the student is shared with parents, teachers, administrators, residential directors/assistants, or others unless there is a release signed by the student or in cases of imminent danger. The student also determines the type and extent of information that is shared.

Will I know if my son/daughter has utilized the services at the counseling center?

In general, unless your son/daughter lets you know that they are utilizing services, you will not know. Your son's/daughter's health information is protected under state and federal laws and therefore we cannot inform you if they are receiving services unless they specifically sign a release of information form.

My son/daughter has a mental health diagnosis. Are your counselors trained to work with him/her?

Yes, the CAPS Counselor is a licensed psychologist in California, with thorough training and experience in college mental health counseling and health promotion.

Who do I call if I'm concerned about my son/daughter?

The CAPS Counselor is available to consult with you regarding how best to support your son or daughter (707-654-1174; iwallace@csum.edu). If you are seriously concerned about their welfare, contact Police Services emergency line at 911.

Do you prescribe medications?

The CAPS Counselor does not prescribe medication. If it is determined that a student can possibly benefit from medication, they are referred to a provider in Student Health Services or to a specialist in the community. If your son or daughter is already on medication, the Counselor can help identify if there may be a problem with the medication and will consult with the prescriber provided a release is signed by the student.

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Last updated: 7/16/20