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For Faculty and Staff


CAPS believes that every faculty and staff member contributes to the mental health of Cal Maritime students and to our community. As intelligent, hard working people who have frequent contact with students, you are in a prime position to get to know students--this includes their habits and tendencies, which are often central to noticing changes in mental health. Therefore, your observations and insight are valued. For information about recognizing specific signs of distress read more here

If you are concerned about a student you are encouraged to consult The RED FOLDER as well as to consult with CAPS. The Counselor will help you: 

  • Assess the situation, its seriousness, and the need for referral

  • Identify resources for the student

  • Find the best way to make the referral, if needed

  • Clarify your own feelings and consider ways you can be most effective

  • Discuss follow-up concerns

If you feel there is a possible immediate safety risk—for the student or others—contact Campus Police at 911.

Resources for Helping Students

RED FOLDER: Assisting Students in Distress (Web site)

RED FOLDER: Assisting Students in Distress (printable)

Download the RED FOLDER Mobile app for iOS and Android systems

HelpGuide.org - A trusted non-profit guide to mental health and well-being

Psychological First-Aid

Responding to Student in Distress

Supporting Resident Students

Supporting Different Types of Students

Supporting students who are on the Autism Spectrum

Resource for Improving Academic Environments

Promoting Supportive Academic Environments for Faculty with Mental Illnesses

Resources for Personal Counseling

CAPS is a student-funded service that exists for the primary purpose of improving the mental health and well being of students. This mission is consistent with CSU Executive Order 1053. Faculty and staff members seeking personal counseling are encouraged to utilize their Employee Assistance Program, personal health insurance, as well as community resources. The CAPS counselor is available to faculty and staff for emergencies as well as for consultation seeking personal counseling. 

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Last updated: 7/16/20