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Turnitin is a comprehensive plagiarism prevention system that lets instructors quickly and effectively check a students work. Cal Maritime instructor have access to the Turnitin Originality module which compares student work to online sources and generates an orginality report.



Getting Started

  1. If you already have an instructor account, proceed to step 2 of the quickstart guide below. Otherwise, click the sign in link at the Top of this page to be authenticated into the Cal Maritime Portal.
  2. Create a Turnitin instructor account by logging into the Turnitin.com website with the initial join credentials.  Click on the Instructor Join Login txt file here. It contains this information.

    you must sign in to the www.csum.edu website first to access the file.
  3. Download the Instructor quickstart guide here. This document will outline how to
    1. create a turnitin account
    2. set up a class and assigment
    3. submit a paper
    4. view an originality report
  4. To find out more about specific Turnitin Instructor functionality, please see the Turnitin Help Center Instructor Articles and Getting Started Instructor Videos


  1. As a student you must first create a turnitin account to access any assignments created by your instructor. Go to the Turnitin.com webpage and select Create Account at the top right side of the screen.

    If you already have an account from a previous course or semester, your can still used this account. If you forgot your password, click the Retrieve Password account link
  2. Once you have created an account please download the Student Quickstart Guide here
  3. To find out more information on Turnitin Student functionality, please see the Student Help Center Articles and the Getting Started Student Videos