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Telecommunications FAQs and Tips

Q:  Why does my voicemail light not blink when there are new messages?

A:  After listening to your messages in your voicemail box, you must always exit completely out of the system.  If you just hang-up you might get delayed messages.  Remember to press the “X” (9) key to exit.  You should hear a recording that’s says “Good-bye”.

Q:  I plan to travel overseas and use my University-assigned cell phone.  Are there special rate plans that can be put into effect?

A:  Yes.  Be aware that charges will still be assessed based on the amount of usage, however.  Contact the Chief Information Officer for assistance.

Q: Is there a way to manuever around in a voice mail messasge without having to listen to the entire message to repeat something?

A:  When listening to your voice mail messages you can maneuver around by pressing:

*            To move backwards 5 seconds

#            To move forward 5 seconds

T(8)            To move to top of the next message

1            To pause for 30 seconds – Press * to resume

Q:  Do you have any tips for using a speaker phone?

A:  If you prefer conversing via speaker phone, remember the following tips:

  • Ask the caller for permission before you activate the speaker function.
  • Always introduce all the participants, since the person on the other end of the line cannot see who else is in the room.  This can prevent embarrassing situations
  • Keep in mind that everyone within hearing distance may hear the conversation whether or not they should.


A person’s speaking voice tends to increase in volume when using remote technology.  When using a speaker phone, don’t forget about the people around you who aren’t taking part in the conversation.  If you can, shut your office door.

Q:  How can I avoid being the viction of a scam?

A:  There are too numerous scams perpetuated via the telephone network to begin.  If in doubt about a call, contact the IT Department for assistance.

Here are examples of alerts from the Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division regarding incidents of telephone fraud.

  • Inmates at a local correctional facility used an automated calling service to place collect calls in Spanish.  Recipients of these calls are eventually prompted to “press 3 for English” which results in the acceptance of the collect call.  Once the collect call has been accepted, the caller attempts to convince the call recipient, through various methods, to transfer the call to an outside line.
  • Callers may identify themselves as a telephone troubleshooting desk, and request information regarding dialing patterns, and then ask you to punch in a series of numbers or ask to be transferred to an outside line.

Once a caller is transferred, they are able to charge long distance calls to your line even after you hang up.

To avoid becoming a victim:

  • Do not accept collect calls from unknown callers
  • Never transfer calls to an outside operator
  • Do not provide information to strangers about your office telephone system or its features
  • Report any suspicious incidents to the Director of IT/Information Security Officer or the CIO.

Telephone companies never call collect and do not need employees to get them an outside line to conduct legitimate business.

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Last updated: 8/27/20