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Personal Computing at Cal Maritime


Access to a good computer is an essential part of your experience at Cal Maritime. If you plan to bring your own computer, there are a few things to consider before coming to campus.
Take a look at the New Students & PCs web page.

For more detailed suggestions on how to buy a computer, how to protect your computer against viruses and purchasing new software, please visit the sections below and the links to the right

Computers on Campus

On campus, students also can access the Cal Maritime network and Internet on computers located in computer labs, the library and in study spaces on campus.

Wi-Fi is available in all the dorms and throught the campus. Click here to see how to connect to Wi-Fi on campus


Bringing Your Own Device or Buying a Computer:


If you plan to bring a computer to Cal Maritime we recommend you bring a laptop for maximum flexiblity.There are a myriad of choices and configurations.


What type of Operating system?

The campus has more Windows computers and all of the computer labs run the Windows operating system. If you prefer to use MacOS, or ChromeOS on a Chromebook, the wireless network and Microsoft Office365 will work for you. Specific software applications may not work on whichever operating system you choose, so please research alternatives.

What hardware specifications are recommended?

CPU -- Intel i5 or i7 OR AMD Ryzen 2nd or 3rd gen
Memory/RAM -- 8GB minimum

Storage -- 256GB minimum, solid state drive or M.2 NVME

If you're buying a Chromebook, the hardware is less important. ChromeOS stores more information in cloud storage online than on the device itself.

Buying Tips:

Please read reviews. Many tech websites have buying guides, reviews and commentary to help you compare options.




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Last updated: 8/27/20