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Blackboard Collaborate for Moderators (Instructors)

As an Instructor, you will have Moderator access for your Blackboard Collaborate session.

Getting Orientated

  • Please watch the  Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Overview for Moderators (recording
  • Print out the Blackboard Collaborate Getting Started for Moderators Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for your reference

Creating a Session

Directly in Blackboard Collaborate

  1. Login to the Blackboard Collaborate (SAS) Site. If you need access, please contact Greg Crum at gcrum@csum.edu
  2. Schedule a Meeting using the SAS Quick Reference Guide (PDF)


-Select 12 as the version.
-You don't have determine "invitees" at this time . The system will email you URLs which you can email to students or place in Moodle.

Within Moodle

Instructors can create Blackboard Collaborate session directly within a Moodle course. The session will be created as a Moodle Activity.


The following are the essential features of the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Platform.

Here is also a link to the Blackboard Collaborate On Demand Learning Page

 Essential Features

Audio & Video

  • Using the Audio & Video Panel (PDF)

  • Audio Setup Wizard (PDF)

Participant and Chat

  • Introduction to the Participants Panel (PDF)

  • Using the Polling Feature Wizard (PDF)

  • Using Chat (PDF)

Using the Whiteboard and Displaying PowerPoint Presentations

  • Introduction to the Whiteboard (recording)

  • Using the Whiteboard (PDF)

  • Loading a PowerPoint File (PDF

Sharing Your Screen and Other Applications

  • Using Application Sharing (PDF)

  • Introduction to Application Sharing (recording)

The Web Tour Feature

 Recording your Session