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Top 10 Reasons to Live On Campus

10.  Live close

You can sleep in and drive less. You don’t have to try to find parking during peak hours of school or formation. The entire campus is outside your door. You get more time to sleep.

9.  Everything Is Included

Your room fee includes Internet, cable and utilities.

8.  Learning from Peers

Living on campus will allow you to meet new people who can possibly become your life long friends. Many of the things that you will learn during your time at Cal Maritime will be from your peers outside of the classroom and inside your Residence Hall.

7.  Custodial Service

Don’t like to scrub the bathrooms. Good! You don’t have to. Cal Maritime offers custodial service for all common areas in the Residence Halls. Although you still have to clean your room.

6.  Not Having to Cook

The Dining Hall offers a wide variety of prepared food served at 19-meals a week. No dishes, no cooking, all you care to eat, and no grocery shopping.

5.  Events and Programming

Cal Maritime offers a wide range of programming events from movies in common areas to sporting events in the Bay Area to plays in San Francisco to indoor Sky diving and plenty in between.

4.  Convenience

You have formation at 0730 or watch at 0000-0400 and don’t have to worry about parking or having to drive late. Living on Campus allows you to get extra hours of sleep

3.  Living with your Buddies

Specialty Housing and Room selection allows you to select the room and roommate that you want. You have 8 people who want to live together - apply for a Power of 8.

2.  Helping Hands

Cal Maritime is here to help. We have 3 Pro Staff, 2 Paraprofessionals, and 20 Resident Assistants to assist you on a daily basis. Our Staff works very closely with Public Safety to ensure your safety and well being.

1.  Academic Success

Ok, here come the statistics . . . Those who live on-campus have a 10-15% better chance of doing well in college. Studies have shown residence hall students may...

  • Have a higher GPA
  • Take more units
  • Be more likely to graduate

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Last updated: 8/27/20