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Current Initiatives

Some catch-up about what we’ve been up to:

-Resolution #1: We are going to start a committee to end watch standing during Finals Week, because that is just a ridiculous request. School is a lot harder than it was in the 70’s…hint hint.

-Resolution #2: We would like the Administration to understand that enacting mandatory activates in the middle or without warning is not tolerated by the student body. We demand that if something wants to be enacted, that the school works out all the kinks before students to do it…you know what I’m talking about.

-Shared Leadership: The relationship between the Corps Staff and AS has been exceptional, and they will only get stronger.

-Town-hall Meetings: Even though there has been little attendance, we will still continue to put on Town-hall meetings every so often.

-Greenovation: Our Environmental Officer is going to be working with the California State Student Association to receive some money to make our campus greener or to help offset the costs of “green” programming.

-Lobby Corps: Our External Affairs Officer is in the works on making a Lobby Corps for Cal Maritime. This would be a group of students that would go to the Capitol and lobby on behalf of Cal Maritime.