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Math 100 Waiver

Incoming students who meet the minimum requirements for Math 100 waiver may 

Qualifications for a Math 100 Waiver

The student must be a deposited, incoming student for the Fall 2020 semester
The student must have an official math test score on file (listed below):

  • At least a 570 on SAT Math (if taken after March 2016)

  • At least a 550 on SAT Math (if taken before March 2016)

  • At Least a 23 on the ACT Math

The student must also have passed both semesters of Pre-Calculus prior to high-school graduation.

Accepting Your Math 100 Waiver

If you meet the minimum requiremenst, please fill out the form below to accept your Math 100 waiver. This waiver means that you will NOT be enrolled in Math 100 this Fall or Spring, and may be able to advance to the next math course in your curriculum sequence.

If you accept the Math 100 waiver, bear in mind that you will still need to make up the 4 units through another course prior to graduation. You should contact your academic advisor and department chair when you begin classes to determine what additional courses you can use to fulfill your unit requirements for graduation.

After accepting your Math 100 waiver, you may take any of the following steps:

  • MET and FET majors: Enroll in Math 210 Calculus I
  • Business majors: Enroll in Math 205 Calculus for Business
  • Business and Global Studies and Maritime Affairs majors: Enroll in Math 107 Elementary Statistics
  • Enroll in any class required for your major with Math 100 as a prerequisite, provided you meet the other prerequisites for the class
  • Choose to not be enrolled in any additional math course for the fall semester.

Declining Your Math 100 Waiver

If you WISH to be enrolled in Math 100 at Cal Maritime, please indicate on the form below by June 15th, 2020. By doing so, you are informing us that you do not want to be waived from Math 100, and would like more preparation for Calculus.

If you elect to be enrolled in Math 100, please understand that if you stay in the class beyond the drop date for the class (typically, a week into the semester), you must remain in the class for the duration of the semester and may no longer receive the Math 100 waiver.

The Office of the Registrar will create your initial schedule of classes for the Fall 2020 semester the last week of June.  You will be able to edit your schedule in mid-July, and again the week of Orientation. 

Maintaining a Full Unit Load for Financial Aid

Please note that if you choose not to take Math 100 in the fall and you do not take another course in place of Math 100, your unit load for the semester may drop below 12 units. 12 units is the minimum unit load for full-time student status.  Students receiving financial aid must be full-time students.

If you do not accept the waiver by June 15th, we will assume that you DO NOT wish to receive the Math 100 waiver, and you will be enrolled in Math 100 for the Fall 2020 semester.


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cadet at chart table writing in log book

The Fall, 2020 Application Deadline Has Been Extended for

 - B.S. in Business Administration: International Business and Logistics
 - B.A. in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs
 - B.S. in Oceanography

Apply as soon as possible at www.calstate.edu/apply

For all other degree programs, see the individual notes below

-  B.S. in Facilities Engineering Technology (Contact Admission Office for Fall 2020)
-  B.S. in Marine Transportation (Next entry term is Fall 2021)
-  B.S. in Marine Engineering Technology (Contact Admission Office for Fall 2020)
 - B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - General Option (Next entry term is Fall 2021)
​ - B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - U.S. Coast Guard License Option (Next entry term is Fall 2021)

Admission Office Hours

Note that the staff is working from home answering calls and emails during April,
M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm

To be forwarded to staff home numbers, call 707-654-1330 and select the proper number when prompted

FAX: (707) 654-1336 (operational 24/7)

Cal Maritime, Admissions Office
200 Maritime Academy Drive
Vallejo, CA 94590

Admission Office Resources

Admission Process Deadlines
Annual Security Report (Jeanne Cleary Act)
Cal Maritime New Price & Cost Calculator

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